Letters to the Editor, Nov. 13

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 13

Lawless logging

It is clever to name a bill that would increase clearcutting the “Resilient Federal Forests Act,” but it is disingenuous. Instead of restoring our publicly owned forests or protecting communities from fire, the bill is about increasing the logging of large trees. Logging old-growth trees and clearcutting will not prevent wildfires or reduce smoke in the valley. It will increase brush and small trees that more readily burn.

It is way past time for the timber industry and Congressman Greg Walden to stop politicizing wildfires as a means to open up our forests to reckless logging. They need to start working toward solutions like thinning near homes, doing more prescribed fire, and restoring forests through science-based management.

Suppression of the public and excluding communities from participating in the fate of their forests is not responsible management of our public forests. It is a timber grab.

Brodia Minter


Eve of destruction

As a veteran of the Vietnam War, I don’t blame President Trump for using a medical excuse to avoid the draft during that horrendous mistake of a war. (Those bone spurs don’t seem to cause him much pain 50 years later, do they?)

But I do blame the president for his constant bellicose statements threatening to bring “fire and fury” down on North Korea the likes “the world has never seen before.” Though his rhetoric was considerably toned down during his recent visit to South Korea, his very presence there was a provocation to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. (What if Kim were to fire off an ICBM that malfunctioned and hit South Korea or Japan? Imagine the consequences.)

I also blame him for undermining the nuclear deal with Iran, backing the Saudis in their brutal war against poor Yemen and sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and even Niger.

This minority-vote president wants to increase the already bloated Pentagon budget by billions while sharply cutting the State Department’s budget costing us dozens of experienced diplomats.

But who needs diplomats when our president’s policy is to intimidate every adversary in the world to do our bidding or else?

Allen Hallmark


A true city father

Al Densmore I only know by name and face from articles read in the local paper. I do know he has a long history with community involvement as serving in the Legislature, city of Medford mayor and council member along with other commissions and community groups.

I am writing this after passing Al on Main Street in front of Carnegie Library and Alba Park. As Al was walking from the direction of the county courthouse, he was taking the time to pick up some very nasty looking trash as he continued on his trek.

It struck me that I spend a lot of time complaining about local leaders and politics but not much time recognizing the good they do in the community. I just wanted to state that Al’s and other community leaders' continuous effort to the community does not and should not go unnoticed by the community. Thanks, Al, for all you do.

Jon Proud

Central Point

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