Letters to the Editor, Nov. 11

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 11

Hope it was satire

I certainly hope that the letter of Nov. 7 by Hubert Smith was satirical. I can't fathom he really thinks greeting an unfortunate soul with an ax handle is how "civic minded" folks should respond.

Mary Lewis


Change the name

I am disheartened by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners' decision to take no action on the renaming of Dead Indian Memorial Road, particularly when the overwhelming majority of constituents who contacted them, as well as a majority of the residents on the road, favored such a change.

More disheartening is the rationale, as reported in the Mail Tribune, that input from 202 identifiable sources is "too small" a sample upon which to base a decision. This explanation simply defies belief. The board routinely makes more consequential — multi-million dollar decisions — with far less input or no input at all. I believe the commissioners rarely, if ever, receive input from 202 "identifiable sources" about any other issue.

The name inadequately commemorates the historical event that took place in the area and is routinely and inappropriately referred to as "Dead Indian." The name of the road needs to be changed.

Maureen Vega


Another mistake

This past month has made us aware of the devastating affects of natural disasters. I was in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and saw how "poor planning" can increase the damage caused by an unavoidable situation. With this in mind, I'm wondering if the Coos Bay/North Bend area isn't in a situation where learning from New Orleans' history could lesson damage in the future.

In order to facilitate large tankers access to oil refineries, the winding path of the Mississippi River was altered, giving Katrina a straight shot into the city. Are we not looking at a comparable "planning mistake" by proposing to build an LNG port where a massive earthquake is predicted to occur sooner rather than later?

A couple of adages come to mind. "An ounce of prevention" (not building the LNG port) will avoid "adding fuel to the fire" when the coast's subduction zone does what it inevitably will do. The 1906 Great San Francisco Earthquake measured from 7 to 9 magnitude along the fault line. Seismologists predict the same intensity for the Coos Bay coastline.

Barry Peckham


Change the name

I remember being shocked the first time I saw the street sign “Dead Indian Memorial Road.”

Flash forward 17 years with the county commissioners finally meeting to change the road’s name. One commissioner says he feels it’s about doing the right thing for the county. But another says, "Good, bad, ugly or indifferent, it is a piece of our history," and the board, stymied, declines to act.

This notion that we should hang onto ugly vestiges of our history because there is something sacred in its every physical remnant is claptrap. Societies evolve. And thank God for it.

No one is suggesting we purge the historical record. We learn from looking back. But actual physical landmarks speak to who we are as a people today.

Not only does the road’s name disrespect Native Americans, it makes our county look like a witless backwater burg in Deliverance country.

Please, commissioners, reconvene, and change this disgraceful name.

Leslie Morgan


Marijuana smells unpleasant

What happened to the Clean Air Act? While driving around Jackson County, taking the back roads to Gold Hill and on over to Shady Cove, we were overwhelmed by the skunky smell of marijuana and it definitely was not pleasant. We wanted to smell the oak and pine needles and instead couldn't smell anything other than marijuana.

While in a local store last week, again the smell of marijuana permeated throughout the store from a couple. Paper mills have been fined for filling the air with offensive odors and chemicals. truly this is no different. Can anything be done about this?

Marylea Sanders


A prime example

Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle

Trump says we don't have a gun problem, we have  a mental illness problem.

He should know. When it comes to mental illness, Trump is the prime example.

Herbert Childs


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