Letters to the Editor, Nov. 1

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 1

Thanks for Jazz Aid

The First Presbyterian Church wants to thank the community of the Rogue Valley for a very successful benefit concert to aid victims of the recent hurricanes, earthquakes and fires. The generous people who attended Jazz Aid donated almost $11,000 to the relief work of the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

We also want to thank the more than 20 musicians who gave generously of their time and talent to provide excellent music for the concert. We are fortunate to live in a place with such talented and generous musicians.

All of the money raised at this event will go helping people work their way back from major losses due to natural catastrophes. Thank you, jazz lovers of the Rogue Valley. Thank you, jazz musicians of the Rogue Valley. We encourage everyone to go hear these musicians and support live music in the Rogue Valley.

The Rev. Murray Richmond, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church


Support the P-T bond

The Phoenix-Talent School District has a bond measure on the November ballot to improve safety, security, and the learning environment for all students.

A majority of the bond money will be spent on a new academic wing at the high school, and a new career technical education building at the high school. Educational offerings will be improved at all schools in the district, but no bond money will be allocated to deferred maintenance. Last week, the Mail Tribune reported that deferred maintenance is a component of the bond; that is simply not true. A detailed facility plan is available at the District office to confirm that zero bond dollars are allocated to deferred maintenance.

A strong public education system is the foundation of a strong community. Please join me in supporting the bond, and all students in the Phoenix-Talent School District.

Craig Prewitt


Vote yes for safer schools

As a member of the Phoenix-Talent School Board, I urge my fellow voters to support the bond. There are several reasons to support the bond, but I would like to address the one closest to my heart, as a mom with children in our schools: safety.

When our schools were built decades ago, lock-downs, security protocols and ensuring that our schools were ADA compliant weren’t part of our culture. Now, it's our moral responsibility to provide a safe learning environment that is accessible for all and for future generations. The Chamber Of Medford/Jackson County agrees, stating in a letter of endorsement, “Securing the campus entry points, upgrading fire alarms and notifications, as well as making seismic upgrades that provide for security and safety pf our most precious resource — our children — so they can remain focused on learning.” Please join me in Backing the Bond and voting yes.

Dawn Watson


Border walls

When I saw the pictures of prototypes of a border wall in this paper (Friday, Oct 27) It made me repulsed and sick to my stomach.

I would be embarrassed for my country, the United States of America, to have this type of wall built on our border with Mexico. It is another "Berlin Wall" that was rightfully torn down!

Jim Phillips



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