Letters to the editor, May 9

Letters to the editor, May 9

Vote no on bond

Rogue River School District is pushing the failed bond measure again! Voters rejected the bond extension measure in November by a 55-46 margin. We support our schools, but expect efficient management of our tax dollars.

Voters said “no more,” but the RRSD board isn’t listening!

Residents have paid the RRSD bond since 2000, plus property taxes to our schools. They claimed we would pay no more than we are paying now. That’s already too much! Bonds should be fixed, not endless. How many more extensions are needed to accomplish reasonable objectives? Good management knows how to cut overhead, excess staff, aides and wasteful programs. Enough with raising taxes because of poor management!

As a corporate CEO for over 20 years and a former School Board chairman, my recommendation is: "Don't support repeated failures.” The voters' message was very clear: “Manage our tax dollars more efficiently.” Vote no on Measure 15-169.

Howard Wand

Rogue River

Walden doesn't represent us

I agree Greg Walden appears calm and knowledgeable. I agree Greg Walden looks like he would represent us, his constituents, well in Congress. But the question is, does he represent us?

Does he listen to us? Does he really know and care what we need? I have written to him. I have called him many times. All I get from his office is a polite “I will relay the message.” I don’t know if I am being heard. I don’t feel heard.

My health insurance is at risk with the possible passing of Trumpcare. I know there are many people in the same situation as I am in Greg Walden’s district. In the past I went to Planned Parenthood for health care when I was between jobs and access to health insurance. Planned Parenthood has always been there when I needed it.

Greg Walden wants to defund Planned Parenthood. Why? Does Greg Walden know all of the health services that Planned Parenthood provides? Does he truly represent his constituents? I say no.

Judy Holy


Question sources

The For-Against feature on your Sunday opinion page shows the extent to which our nation is torn by conflicting visions of the ideal society. In theory, presenting opposing viewpoints on a single issue can bridge that divide by uncovering new material about the issue or revealing a square inch or two of common ground. However, the side-by-side columns on April 30 evaluating the first 100 days of the new administration, were pretty predictable, red talking points versus blue, until the very end.

There I learned that the column tabulating the evidence of dangerous incompetence in the administration came from the liberal Americans for Democratic Action. No surprise there. By contrast, rousing praise of the administration's successes came from the Heartland Institute, described as "a nonpartisan, nonprofit research center." Now a glowing endorsement from a neutral think tank would be very impressive! The problem is the Heartland Institute is decidedly not neutral. As its web page attests, it positions are conservative, libertarian-leaning, and noted for their denial of climate change. Thanks to misinformation in the attribution, your intent to provide a balance picture actually distorts it. Perhaps you need to question your sources.

Molly Tinsley


Vote for Stine

Special district elections are May 16. Don’t overlook these important races. The more local the races, the more immediate the impact on your daily life.

Among the excellent candidates for positions on the Medford 549C School Board is Casey Stine, who is running for Position 3. The majority of the candidates, including Casey, cite budget issues, improving graduation rates, and closing the achievement gap in their platform. In addition to working on these issues, Casey has served as vice chairwoman of Wilson Head Start, and has worked on many Head Start committees to create more parent involvement.

Casey stands out as an important voice for Early Childhood Education, the transformative years that are the foundation of students’ future educational experience. Please vote for Casey Stine, Position 3, who will bring her energy and desire to work tirelessly to advocate for all parents and students in the Medford School District.

Sandra Peat



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