Letters to the Editor, May 7

Letters to the Editor, May 7

Sign lacking

At the new intersection of Cunningham and Orchard Home Drive, why isn’t there a sign indicating Orchard Home Drive one direction and Lozier Lane another direction? At the end of Cunningham the sign only states Lozier Lane — very poor thinking on the part of the individual who installed the sign. We had a friend from out of town get lost because of the lack of thoughtfulness of the sign installer.

R. W. Golphenee



Recently, we saw government tyranny, i.e., seemingly unlimited oppressive power, in action.

We witnessed the operation of Great Britain’s “single-payer” National Health System, admired by some Americans who believe faceless, nameless bureaucrats will care for all, effortlessly, perfectly and completely, from the “womb to the tomb.” Unless, of course, those bureaucrats cannot or will not do so.

Many looked on in horror as the British government denied, through both the National Health Service and the courts, continued care to 23-month-old Alfie Evans, a tyke with serious neurological impairment. His medications were ordered to be stopped. Yet, Alfie defied the doctors’ predictions and continued to live. How dare he! The court then ordered his feeding tubes to be removed, a mandatory death sentence. Still Alfie defied the state and lived.

The parents’ rights and feelings were cast aside by the bureaucracy even though Pope Francis offered both a flight to Rome’s Baby Jesus Pediatric Hospital and free care. No! Remember in Great Britain all the major players, doctors and magistrates, are government employees. The state’s wishes must be served!

The bureaucracy will not be denied its sacrifice. Alfie must die!

Dennis V. Sinclair


‘Entitlement programs’

In reference to the April 28 letter to the editor titled “Debt is sickening”: I agree with Gordon DeVos that U.S. debt is out of control and must be stopped by decreased spending and cutting back on all spending, especially entitlement programs.

What I disagree with is how Social Security is always being classified as an entitlement. If by entitlement you mean that we pay in and are supposed to get something back, then yes, we are entitled to collect the money that was forcefully taken out of our paychecks for many years.

Rick Nelson


A job well done

Thank you to the principal and staff at Hillside Elementary School in Eagle Point for a job well done. On Friday, April 27, I was privileged to attend an assembly for students of the month for their reading and math skills. Prior to presentations the principal requested students place their hand over their heart then led the Pledge of Allegiance — “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Awards were presented to each class by amazing teachers and received by well-behaved students. A staff and students to be admired.

Veda Little

Central Point

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