Letters to the Editor, May 19

Letters to the Editor, May 19

Stranger than fiction

Just when I thought liberalism and socialism couldn't get any more outré, I read the article from page A3 on May 8 about counseling for political activists who are having difficulty dealing with the November election results and what they portend.

You can't make this stuff up, folks! Fact truly is stranger than fiction.

I used to read the comics section for a good laugh. Now I read the news.

Russell D. Gillette


A clever statement

I was at an apartment complex on Poplar Street and walked past a car that had a bumper sticker that said, "Honk if you love Jesus, text if you want to see him."

I thought it was worth writing in to the Mail Tribune — pretty clever thinking on somebody's part. Very true statement.

R.W. Golphenee


GOP jubilant

House Republicans are jubilant over passing a so-called health care bill that would significantly reduce the number of insured Americans by penalizing the sick, poor and old. It was thrown together with no debate or input from stakeholders and hastily passed for the sole purpose of saying they had done something before going on recess. It’s opposed by doctors, nurses, hospitals, AARP — anyone who actually cares about health.

In his town hall, Greg Walden assured us he would never support a bill as callous as Trumpcare. He not only supported it, he was a key player in producing it. Republicans are limiting access to health care rather than expanding it, maintaining our status as the only developed nation that doesn’t provide universal coverage.

How crass of Walden and his cronies, celebrating the prospect of finally getting to take out their spite for Obama on the helpless and vulnerable. Trump must have given them the impression that such behavior is normal. It doesn’t matter. Over 90 percent of Americans are already covered and the rest will be eventually because it’s the right thing to do. Meanwhile Walden should have the same access to care as his least insured constituent.

Michael Steely


Not all airlines bad

Airlines have been getting beat up in the press lately, many of whom deserve it. But our recent experience with Alaska Airlines was exceptional.

Alaska changed their flight schedule which meant we could not get home as planned. So they took responsibility. They re-booked us, gave us travel vouchers for future flights, offered to pay for any hotel and meal costs we might incur and generally treated us as valued customers. The agent, Jenny, and her supervisor were terrific. Alaska deserves a pat on the back for doing something right.

Jerry Kenefick


Great job

After reading the article on the front page in the Mail Tribune May 9, "A pot biz leader," I wanted to start commercially growing pot for a living. It sounds like a great business to be in and I also wanted to go smoke a joint.

The Mail Tribune did a great job at sensationalizing a drug that still hasn't been studied to be safe. You also did great job at promoting drug use. Did you ever think of that?

Chuck Brook


A deadly intersection

Yet another person has perished at the intersection of Highway 140 and Kershaw Road. During the 23 years I have lived here I have seen where many people have died or been severely injured at this intersection. Something needs to be done to make this intersection safe. Maybe a roundabout?

Kelly Brown


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