Letters to the Editor, May 11

Letters to the Editor, May 11

Don't bet the farm

Last month, the EPA removed information on climate science from its websites. The Washington Post reported that “... The staffer described the process of reviewing the site as ‘a work in progress, but we can’t have information which contradicts the actions we have taken in the last two months ... (emphasis added).’ ”

That bizarre explanation is scary, given the stakes and the public’s need and right to the information which the EPA has assembled. It is sobering proof of the anti-science bias that has taken over the U.S. government agency created to protect our environment!

On Saturday’s TED Radio Hour, Prof. Lord Martin Rees ("How Can We Ensure Our Survival As A Species?") warned:

“(I)f an event is potentially devastating, it is worth paying a substantial premium to safeguard against it, even if it is (deemed) unlikely, just as we take out fire insurance on our house.”

He was restating the engineering “fail safe” principle:

When a mistake can be catastrophic, fail safe — choose the alternative in which you are most likely to survive a miscalculation, even if it is the slower or more expensive option.

And, don’t bet the farm. That's one bet you can't afford to lose!

Eric Weisberg

Central Point

Supporting Horner

I am writing in support of James Horner to the 549c School Board. There are many good reasons to support him.

Horner recognizes that the issues surrounding public schools cannot be defined in soundbites. A glance at the voters' pamphlet demonstrates his thoughtful analysis of the factors in play and his willingness to listen to input from all people in the district.

In light of the teachers' strike two years ago, voters need to see that the board is taking a fresh approach. The previously mentioned complexity demands that board members have experience that can enable them to be effective. Serving on a budget committee provides the experience needed to serve on a board. With his years of service to the Budget Committee, Horner has full awareness of how a school board is supposed to operate, and has vision both to provide leadership and to incorporate input from his constituents.

Hal Wing


Supporting Horner

There’s one candidate for the Medford School Board who combines tremendous business experience with a long commitment to quality education and who, being retired, has the time to devote to this important position!

Jim Horner was instrumental in saving the Ruch School from closure and has served for years on the Medford School District budget committee, most recently as chairman. We believe he is uniquely qualified for the job.

Join us in voting for Jim Horner for Medford School Board position 6.

Lyn Hennion and Alex Bellen


Writer's assumption faulty

Regarding the letter "Wait a minute" on May 3, we had the pleasure of hosting two members of the Portland Gay Men's Chorus when they performed at the Southern Oregon University Music Recital Hall in 2014 (and donated the proceeds of the concert to local nonprofits). One was gay, one was straight, married with children.

Apparently they don't discriminate against straight men; in fact, there are a couple of women members of the chorus. I suggest the writer of this letter do their research before making the assumption they don’t accept straight chorus members.

Delcy Tibbetts




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