Letters to the Editor, March 27

Letters to the Editor, March 27

The vet’s friend

I am a native Oregonian and a service-connected disabled veteran.

Recently, after several unsuccessful attempts to receive medical attention from the White City VA, I contacted Rep. Greg Walden’s office for help. Two days later the VA called me, apologized , and scheduled my medical treatment.

Other vets I know refer to Rep. Greg Walden as the vets friend. He sure is.

Ron Martin


His true colors

The “esteemed” associate editor of our daily dead fish wrapper has shown his true colors with his editorial on March 16. By bashing President Trump incessantly, ignoring his accomplishments and filtering the news he does a disservice to his readers.

It would be nice to publish a newspaper that educates us. Instead we get a watered down version that is not complete. Maybe keeping readers uninformed is the goal? It might be nice to read that under President Trump ISIS has been decimated, consumer confidence is at a 14-year high and 2 million people are now off of food stamps. If that had happened during President Obama’s time in office it would have been on the front page above the fold.

No doubt there will be many stories in the paper about the firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. If anywhere in these stories it is mentioned that Mr. McCabe had already been placed on “terminal leave” by the FBI in January of this year for lying to them under oath and leaking information to the news media, you’ll be able to knock me over with a feather.

Maureen Stewart


Upswelling of indignation

This is a text of an email I recently sent to Rep Walden:

I am calling on you to speak out on the continuing bizarre actions of the Trump administration that smack of despotic dictators in the Third World. The sacking of respected individuals in the FBI, the State Department, or anyone who disagrees with Trump’s world view sets a stage for authoritarianism. This limits alternative points of view to temper the president’s glorified opinion that his impulsive, usually poorly thought-out decisions are the answers to complex problems.

Ironically, bringing “the swamp” inside the White House will be its downfall. I urge you to come aboard the popular upswelling of indignation that will force this administration and sycophantic congressional representatives out of office.

David Speigel


Trump’s rightful place

Even Jay Ambrose, big Trump fan, wrote in his column that Trump probably isn’t “capable of negotiating anything on his own” with North Korea, but “he will be surrounded by highly skilled and knowledgeable cohorts.”

Who would that be? Anyone who disagrees with his erratic, self-serving, and uninformed notions resigns in disgust or is vindictively fired. Rex Tillerson told the New Yorker he hopes Trump learns in a tweet that he is impeached. Andrew McCabe who devoted 21 years to the FBI with the highest professionalism (half those years investigating the Russian mafia) was fired 24 hours before his scheduled retirement; no pension. Trump said McCabe misled investigators reviewing the FBI’s probe of Clinton’s emails and leaked information. Not so; just Trump’s war on the FBI. McCabe went through a public affairs officer and legal counselor; others were aware of interaction with the reporter.

Former CIA Director John Brennan, no slouch with 25 years in intelligence and privy to many secrets, had his own tweet for Trump: “When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history.” We can only hope.

Betsy Shanafelt


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