Letters to the Editor, March 21

Letters to the Editor, March 21

There's more to the story

AllCare cites long wait times as the reason behind parting ways with Jackson County Mental Health, yet would contract again with them for less compensation. There's more to patient care than moving folks through like a herd of cattle.

JCMH doesn't view their clients as numbers on a spreadsheet; they are people with stories. JCMH has worked closely with schools, emergency departments, law enforcement and many private physicians.

They were key in bringing the Clubhouse model to Southern Oregon. Many individuals struggling with mental illness find community there; a place of belonging and support to give them the courage to get back into life and living.

JCMH facilitated crisis intervention training for nearly all of Jackson County law enforcement so that they could effectively deal with mentally ill individuals and, in many cases, avoid jail and emergency room visits. JCMH has been key in developing an array of treatment options that also include the community as one size doesn't fit all and this is a community issue.

Carol Wedman


Thanks for cemetery work

Thank You Parks and Recreation, Adam Airoldi, Tim Stevens and the four tree services that did such a great job on the huge project of trimming trees at Eastwood IOOF Cemetery.

We appreciate all that you did to help make the cemetery an even more beautiful place.

Rene and Lane Forncrook


Trump retraction needed

Last month on Feb. 17, our president tweeted "... the media is the enemy of the American people."

A free press is mandatory for a functioning democracy. The American Constitution's First Amendment guarantees that right of a free press. Only eight weeks ago our president, Donald Trump, took an oath, over Lincoln's Bible, to support the Constitution of the United States.

I urge our president to publicly and forcefully retract his statement from Feb. 17. His oath to support the Constitution of the United States demands that he do so. Autocrats and fascists would be simply unconcerned with this mere constitutional principle.

Craig Mather


Hope I'm not too late

In the interest of doing my part to "Make America Great Again," may I offer the following: Since plans for the border wall are "way, way, way ahead of schedule," I hope I'm not too late in suggesting the current administration seek construction bids from China. I realize it won't advance local job opportunities, but there are some advantages. To wit:

l. China's labor costs are much cheaper than ours (damn our unions!).

2. We could honestly say "Made in the USA." That'd be cool (braggin' rights...clap, clap, clap!).

3. Those guys know how to build tough, long-lasting, "beautiful" great walls (I know ... I've climbed 'em...way, way, way up and way, way, way down...impressive!)

4. If the total cost is low enough maybe Mexico will be willing to pay for it. Right now they seem to be balking. (Bad dudes ... sad!)

Hope I'm not too late to help "Make America Great Again."

T.J. Pappas


Forego labels

A recent headline mentioned “enviros.” If environmentalists are enviros, then are liberals / progressives “progressos”? Does that make conservatives “regressos” or “retros”?

If we forego the emotionally charged labels we might find it easier to truly communicate with people of other beliefs.

Neal Anderson


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