Letters to the editor: June 9

Letters to the editor: June 9

Protect free association

Your May 24 editorials in the Tidings and Mail-Tribune express the opinion that court claims against the cities of Ashland and Medford regarding the constitutionality of their expulsion ordinances are ill-advised. We are thankful that newspapers have the right to express opinions on matters of public interest. We, as citizens, also have the right to express opinions, and we think the purpose of our lawsuit is not fully understood.

We agree that cities have a duty to enforce laws against behavior that infringes on the rights of others. Already, there are laws that authorize them to do that, including removing alleged wrong-doers and charging them with a crime. We are not objecting to that, but the expulsion ordinance does much more. It banishes people from being in public areas into the future.

The courts have always considered public parks, streets, and buildings to be places where people can associate and express opinions, even those in opposition to our government or our editors. It is the impairment of the right of free association that court cases are designed to correct. We do not want these rights eroded in order to banish a few wrong-doers for six months.

Patricia and Gary Pound


D-Day, dredging, voting

I would like to be proven wrong, but how is it that the anniversary of D-Day, one of the most momentous events in history, not just the 20th century, was not even given a single column inch in your paper?

And Mr. Carlson certainly proved his point about dredging not being harmful to spawning fish habitat beyond any shadow of a scientific doubt, because "he knows better."

And I am certainly glad Mark Giuntini has undoubtedly helped my change my mind about the 2,864,958 more people who voted for HRC over the imposter currently occupying the Oval Office. I have no fear whatsoever that Mr. Giuntini believes beyond a shadow of that every one of those 2,864,958 votes was fraudulent.

And some people wonder why the once great nation known as the United States is becoming the laughingstock of the entire planet.

Ed Cooper

Gold Hill

Not anti-fascist, just thugs

An AP story published in the June 5 Mail Tribune refers to the masked group in Portland whose members threw bricks at police as "anti-fascists." Evidently the AP, and in particular Kristena Hansen, the author of the piece, has a problem with using straightforward, honest and accurate words.

These people are not anti-fascists; they are simply thugs. Their close cousins are leftist campus thugs who riot and forcibly prevent certain people from appearing on campus to exercise their free-speech rights.

Perhaps the MT should employ a copy editor to deal with the AP's shortcomings.

C. S. Chase


Thanks for Special Olympics help

On Saturday, June 3, Special Olympics Oregon held their annual track and field regional competition at the SOU Raider Football Stadium in Ashland.

Ashland Kiwanis provided lunches for over 400 athletes, coaches, and volunteers in attendance. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, bananas, cookies, condiments, and bottles of water were served to each participant.

Ashland Kiwanis thanks the following for their donations of food, drink, and time to help make the luncheon possible: Ashland Lions Club, The Soroptimists, Lithia Springs Rotary, People’s Bank, Rogue Federal Credit Union, Shop ‘N Cart, Franz Bakery, Ashland Ace Hardware, Ashland Safeway, Cash ‘N Carry, Costco, and Albertsons.

Thank you one and all!

Ron Parker

Ashland Kiwanis Club

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