Letters to the Editor, June 4

Letters to the Editor, June 4

Lives taken, not given

Every Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day, a lot of well-meaning people, and some with different motives, will make public statements and written tomes lauding the men and woman who gave their lives for our country. I hate that statement — it makes it look like our vet brothers and sisters who were killed “gave” their future away; marriage, kids, grandkids, loving happy times and an old age to savor the grandness of life.

In truth, their lives were ripped from them in horrible ways and a future of many years taken from them. I believe veterans who served in hostile conflicts put our butt in danger but never did we that lived, or those that did not, willing give away our future. That statement of “giving” may make folks feel better, but it fails to address the true cost of that sacrifice.

I am convinced nobody knows what they will do, how they will react, until faced with the situation. I am proud of the service veterans of all conflicts have given. I respect and hope for your continuing courage and commitment to a life of meaning and a better world.

Larry Slessler


Stop the madness

Crazy the number of pot grows that keep popping up all over the Rogue Valley. There’s been no consideration as to where it’s planted or if it infringes on others' properties with odors at harvest time, not to mention the hideousness of tall fences surrounding the crops.

They don’t seem to have any spacial awareness, consideration for anything except show me the money. It’s all about how much they can make, doesn’t matter where or how.

I get it’s legal now, it’s being done everywhere, but just because it’s what’s being done, doesn’t mean it’s what should be done. Oh yeah, “it’s about the money” and “me, myself and I." “Me, myself and I” politicians in Oregon only care about how much and when do I get it.

If there’s that much money, where are the concessions for folks that have to tolerate it? There are none! A little unfair, don’t you think? This is not corn. Corn farmers don’t put up fences to hide it.

Rogue Valley, you know the old saying “Wake up and smell the coffee?” Well, you'd better wake up and smell the stench, or you’ll be hosting weed tours vs. wine tours.

Doris Weiland

Central Point

Columnists invaluable

As the sentences gracing some of your daily columns get sharper, even a bit nasty, I expect some of your letter writers to react with hostility.

Let me say that this writer has found your regular columnists invaluable in recent months in assessing issues and reflecting on public opinion.

We seem to be living in a time when many in the public can “dish it out, but not take it.” I admit I am one of them. (I read nothing by Jerry Falwell, by example.)

Anyway, reading many points of view does make the blood circulate, and that can’t be all bad.

Vaughn Davis Bornet


Climate change explained

The following website and a few links it provides offers an excellent, concise explanation of the science behind climate change. It will take just 15-20 minutes to digest.

The only rational conclusion is that global warming is real and is entirely due to human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. All other possible explanations have been excluded:


Ted Gibbs


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