Letters to the Editor, June 20

Letters to the Editor, June 20

'Alarmists' saved the world

In to respond to Mr. Dusenberry’s letter stating that people concerned about climate change are “alarmists”: Atmospheric scientists discovered in 1973 that releasing CFCs from aerosol cans and refrigerants was thinning the ozone layer, the gas that screens out deadly UV radiation, and convinced leaders of nations and CEOs that we needed to curb the use of CFCs. By 1987 the Montreal Protocol went into effect and humanity was saved by the “alarmists.”

Had we refused to believe that humans could cause such a change to the atmosphere, or dismissed the scientists as hysterical extremists, we would eventually have devastated all surface life. I suggest that Mr. Dusenberry take some science classes at Rogue Community college to better understand the man-made and natural processes at work on our climate.

By the way, the Paris Accord is strictly voluntary in its attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since the U.S. and China are the biggest greenhouse gas emitters, shouldn’t we be making ourselves the leaders in innovative alternative energy before China assumes that role? New jobs will be created and we will cease to be dependent on foreign oil. Let’s make America great again!

Kevin Culhane


Calling coyotes

Liberals know very well that filling the media with images of killing presidents encourages the mentally infirm to do just that.

It's very much like calling coyotes. You put out the call and wait for a predator to show up. Sometimes a coyote call will bring in a cougar or a bear, but you can bet no herbivore is going to answer that call.

President Ronald Reagan was shot by a screwball who thought he'd gain approval from a movie star he was infatuated with.

When Kathy Griffin displayed the image of President Trump's bloody, severed head, she was calling human coyotes. When Trump is depicted in an "innocent" play getting stabbed to death, they are calling human coyotes. When Madonna said she wanted to blow up the White House, she was calling human coyotes to do what she would never attempt — but she knew at least someone out there would.

Liberals know exactly what they are doing, and then they claim, "freedom of speech"! But they all know that sending out their coyote calls will draw in a predator.

Are we going to wait until they succeed?

Carl F. Worden

Eagle Point

Crimes on Table Rock

My wife and I went hiking today on Lower Table Rock, an Area of Critical Environmental Concern.

About halfway to the south viewpoint, we noticed what looked like posts off to the left of the trail. These proved to be rocks stacked into spires or cairns between a foot and four feet tall and placed all over what used to be one of the largest vernal pools. There were also stacks and constructed walls in the remains of the smaller vernal pool to the south.

Whoever made these abominations had dug the rocks out of the pools and, in the process, had destroyed the pool bottoms, which the plants and animals, found nowhere else but here, need to survive. We have no idea what motivated the vandals who did this nor do we care, as there is simply no excuse whatsoever for such wanton and selfish desecration of these rare and unique natural features.

We reached out to both the Bureau of Land Management and the Nature Conservancy about this situation and we hope that they will follow up on the crimes committed here.

Bruce Hope


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