Letters to the Editor, June 19

Letters to the Editor, June 19

D-Day ignored

Shame on you, Mail Tribune, for not mentioning in your far left paper June 6, the Normandy invasion June 6, 1944. We congratulate Narsha and Tom Sayre for their letter to your paper, shaming you also.

I'm sure our veterans were saddened by your lack of caring for those who fought for us to be safe. Sad — very sad.

Shirley and Derrill Whitehead


Are pot farms legit?

I live in rural Jackson County and have noticed pot farms popping up all over the place. After checking Jackson County records, most are owned by out-of-state or Portland-based LLCs. I looked up a bunch of their recorded addresses, most are in strip malls with no store fronts. Is anyone actually verifying these businesses to make sure they are not just fronts?

William Fitzgerald

Eagle Point

Killing kicker solves nothing

In response to our state budget crisis, Sen. Alan DeBoer has recommended putting an end to the Oregon "kicker," a law that issues credits to Oregon taxpayers if the tax money collected by the state totals over 2 percent more than predicted. But is rerouting the kicker really a long-term fix?

Since its inception in 1980, the kicker has been popular on both sides of the aisle and was incorporated into the Oregon Constitution in 2000. Voters are unlikely to change a law that sends some of our hard-earned dollars back to us. That’s why we need solutions to address Oregon’s structural revenue problems for the long haul.

Oregon has some of the lowest corporate taxes in the nation and it’s time for that to change. The Legislature is currently discussing a tax policy that would make corporations pay their fair share and would stop placing the tax burden on the backs of hardworking Oregonians. DeBoer has promised throughout his campaign to close corporate tax loopholes. I encourage DeBoer to keep his word by voting yes on the Corporate Activities Tax.

Evan Mouledoux


A gift to the world

I believe that the climate of "meism" and hate developing in our country is directly due to the so-called president who cares for nothing more than money and the power it creates. All of this at the expense of the rest of us.

He will destroy the planet with endless war because he thrives on notoriety no matter how he gets it. Impeaching Trump now would be a gift to the world.

Jack Eagleson


Calling coyotes

Liberals know very well that filling the media with images of killing presidents encourages the mentally infirm to do just that.

It's very much like calling coyotes. You put out the call and wait for a predator to show up. Sometimes a coyote call will bring in a cougar or a bear, but you can bet no herbivore is going to answer that call.

President Ronald Reagan was shot by a screwball who thought he'd gain approval from a movie star he was infatuated with.

When Kathy Griffin displayed the image of President Trump's bloody, severed head, she was calling human coyotes. When Trump is depicted in an "innocent" play getting stabbed to death, they are calling human coyotes. When Madonna said she wanted to blow up the White House, she was calling human coyotes to do what she would never attempt — but she knew at least someone out there would.

Liberals know exactly what they are doing, and then they claim, "freedom of speech"! But they all know that sending out their coyote calls will draw in a predator.

Are we going to wait until they succeed?

Carl F. Worden

Eagle Point


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