Letters to the Editor, June 14

Letters to the Editor, June 14

It's not their fault

I have tried to walk a mile in their shoes. In so doing, I have discovered that it's not all their fault. Rather, much fault lies with the media, including the Mail Tribune, and the collective failure to tell them the whole story. They have been cheated.

So, I can understand their shock to find out that not everyone agrees with them and that there are many who are not willing to be led by the nose into their "brave new world."

The natural process of climate change has always been and will always be. In my opinion, it will kill neither us nor our children. Had we been told the whole story, the alarmists couldn't have gotten away with scaring the heck out of everyone.

President Trump pulled us out of the Paris climate accord. American taxpayers are not going to be an ATM for climate-change schemes. We already do our share for the environment. The rest of the world needs to step up to the plate. It's time for America to come home, take care of her own and make America great again.

Doug Dusenberry

Gold Hill

No sympathy

When I read the letter to the editor titled "Pot's rural impacts" on June 7, I laughed so hard my gut still hurts.

Perhaps if the letter writer and a few thousand other folks would have done their homework, there wouldn't be pot farms sprouting up like weeds all over the countryside. In essence, people voted for exactly what they are whining about. If I had a violin, I would play "My Heart Bleeds For You."

I only truly feel sorry for all the "no" voters who have weed farms for neighbors. Where's Sheriff Winters when we need him?

Russell D. Gillette


New pet eases pain

How I still enjoy every picture sent to the Mail Tribune of dogs, rainbows, nature — all beautiful.

Several months ago, I shared the pain of losing our beloved corgi. Thanks to the Humane Society and their saving train, we were rescued by a 5-year-old corgi mix.

Despite all the pain and confusion we face, the God of all comfort is alive and well on planet Earth.

Joan White


Great music and meal

The Rogue Valley Symphonic Band under the direction of Dan Kocurek held a concert on May 21 at Southern Oregon University. Christine Eggert gave a brilliant performance on piano, and the conductor Dan Kocurek was marvelous.

After the concert the two of them joind Anna of Anna Eats Ashland and myself at Lorella's in downtown Ashland to celebrate my 80th birthday. A fantastic musical experience and the most delicious dinner at Lorella's. Ashland is indeed very fortunate to have such a rich cache of talent in music and cuisine.

James Hunting


Griffin blames others

Kathy Griffin is really great at blaming other people for all her problems and ay making excuses.

Kathy Griffin is also creepy, stupid, gross, unfunny and untalented. She would make a perfect running mate for Hillary Clinton in 2020.

Joe Thomas


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