Letters to the Editor, June 13

Letters to the Editor, June 13

Don't target bicyclists

I am responding to Judy Westcott's letter of June 8. It sounds like Judy is frustrated with a number of things: the lack of respect shown our president, innocent people being hurt in our country, liberals and bicyclists, to name a few on her list.

I would like to clarify that bicyclists are legally allowed to occupy an entire lane as long as they do not impede the normal movement of traffic, unless the road is too narrow for a bicycle or another vehicle to travel safely side-by-side or avoiding hazards (ORS 814.430).

We have laws to help keep us safe from all kinds of threats. People disagree and get frustrated. Democracy can be messy, but it's the way we Americans have chosen as a form of government. Please do not take out your apparent anger on bicyclists.

Judy Kerr

Gold Hill

Snoopy remembered D-Day

In reply to "Not an inch about D-Day" from Ed Cooper, I must refer him to the comics page, where Snoopy of the "Peanuts" strip was wading ashore with helmet on. He remembered as many and likely most of we veterans of World War II do remember that day, as Ed put it, "one of the most momentous" days in history.

That day was made possible by the relentless previous bombings by Air Force raids. One in which my brother was lost over Bremen and remembered again this past Memorial Day. All due to Hitler who wanted to rule all. This country is still America, the land of the free. And will remain so with our help and with our remembrances.

Bill Branham


Support independent commission

Our country is in the midst of crisis. We need to finally find out about the involvement of Russia in our elections. The special counsel appointed by the deputy attorney general sits within the Justice Department and falls within Trump’s chain of command. An independent commission would be completely independent and free from political interference. Please support Our Democracy Act (HR 356) to create an independent commission to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election.

I became a political refugee after the Soviet Union invaded my country, Czechoslovakia, on Aug. 21, 1968. As an 18-year-old, I experienced horror and fear when Russian tanks rolled down our cobblestone streets. Ironically, 51 years later, I’m now experiencing a Russian cyber-invasion undermining our precious American democracy. It would be tragic for our country if our politicians (regardless of party affiliation) refuse to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. I’m calling on our representatives: “Please put the interest of our country ahead of your political agenda.”

To have a functioning democracy, we all need to have confidence in its ability to withstand political maneuvering. We shouldn’t have to worry about politicians selfishly and mindlessly destroying the very essence of our democracy.

Dasja Dolan


No black sheep?

Regarding the Jesse Springer political cartoon on Sunday:

What? No black sheep in these marching ruminants?

Joel Axelrod



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