Letters to the editor: June 11

Letters to the editor: June 11

Did he pray for Obama?

Did the person imploring us to pray for Trump, whom he depicted as the poor victim of adversity, pray for President Obama when Trump was vilifying him and questioning his citizenship, when Congress refused to act on anything, including needed changes to Social Security, immigration, the national debt, etc., which he now blames Obama for?

Instead of defusing the divisions among Americans, Trump has escalated them, giving a nod of approval for racists and bullies, sending America to the brink. He brags he doesn’t pay taxes; he cheats people who provide him services; he practiced racism in his apartment rentals; he is all that is wrong about American wealth. He practices willful ignorance.

When he changes his abominable behavior, and he acts less like an autocrat or spoiled 8-year-old, but becomes the president of all, I will then pray for President Trump. We know when that will happen.

Myrl Bishop


New owner, same issues

As I started reading the article, “New owner” I thought just maybe there might be some hope for Southern Oregon’s “Daily Dead Minnow Wrapper” (my quote). It all sounded good until I read that the new owner moved to Ashland. (Boo.)

Then I noticed the same names under the owner on the editorial page. That tells me and others that nothing is going to change in respect to the ultra-left mentality so pronounced and manifested up in Ashland in coordination with the MMT.

At least try something other than the AP or WP for your national information. Try to equal out the lead syndicated editorials other than 4-1 regressive/progressives vs. conservatives. If you really want to make a difference in this valley come down to the middle of the road.

There is a good reason this minnow wrapper has gotten smaller each year. The aforementioned suggestions might just help you get a little larger circulation/advertising.

Mick Shindell

Central Point

A constitutional right

In his recent op-ed piece regarding the federal judiciary preventing the implementation of the president's travel ban, Jay Ambrose states that "... judges having their own animus against Trump ... do not have the right to use their positions to hold him in check."

Any first year constitutional law student would find such a statement both erroneous and absurd. The separation of powers absolutely gives the judiciary this right.

If such actions are deemed a violation of a judge's oath or in any way make him or her unfit to serve, the Constitution also provides the same means for their removal as it does for the president. It's called impeachment.

John Rose


Preserve our farmland

After the county Planning Department voted not to allow a 95-acre solar farm on Rossanley Drive in Medford on prime farm land, our commissioners voted to approve it. This is right in the middle of our valley on the best prime farmland. You can drive by the beautiful farm now on Rossanley and see how fast the crops change over.

In the future, if there are no appeals, we will have a solar farm near Medford city limits on the way to Jacksonville. After that, no crops, but there will be 37,905 solar panels on 95 acres for 30 years. Does it sound like a lot? Try counting them! I would rather count the corn stalks.

Is this planning or is this a one off because of politics? As you drive by in the future remember the commissioners who approved this in the middle of our valley. Your vote counts. If you are against this, call your commissioners and express your concerns now! A statewide precedent may be set here.

I believe in solar but not on Rossanley. Something is wrong here!

Gary Hill

Central Point


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