Letters to the Editor, July 8

Letters to the Editor, July 8

Highway arguments flawed

In response to Don Stone’s letter of June 29 decrying the proposed reconfiguration of Highway 99 between Talent and Ashland, I’d like to point out some flaws in his arguments.

This same configuration on the north side of Ashland and in a short part of Phoenix has been a boon to those citizens who prefer another mode of travel than bumper-hugging, pedal-to-the-metal, lane-changing, beat-the-other-guy driving. Phoenix has become a walkable, bikeable town in that stretch, the one lane inviting travelers to slow down and look around them and pedestrians to feel safe in their own space on the sidewalks.

The argument that there are no pedestrians on 99 between Talent and Ashland and therefore why should we build sidewalks is laughable. The current Highway 99 is suicidal for bike riders and pedestrians. The Bear Creek Greenway, while a treasure for recreational cyclists, walkers, runners and skaters, is not appropriate for commuters or the faster bike riders.

Ninety-nine percent of cyclists own cars and, yes, pay gas taxes. In fact, with the new configuration, those car-owning bike riders are going to get on their bikes more often, taking another vehicle off the road on a safer and more relaxed Highway 99.

M.L. Moore


Climax of the scam

We are now approaching the climax of the “small government” scam that began 50 years ago in the bowels of corporate think tanks. Touted as such for the easily duped, its goal is to undermine democracy and protective laws.

It frees the greed-driven powers to ravage the commons, which were once protected by government. (Remember when public airwaves were actually public and scientists were the ones to make scientific decisions?) Well, in the new “up is down” world, fossil fuel lobbyists are being installed by Trump to replace scientists, ignorant people to replace educators, and health care bills now promote illness.

Rep. Greg Walden has played an integral part in this travesty with his plan to deprive more Americans of health care so that the richest can get even richer. He is also paid very well to help the largest communication companies like Verizon limit our access to information by eliminating net neutrality.

But Walden’s most evil act to date is to brazenly favor dirty energy over clean, which will hasten world-wide death. And make no mistake; this is a matter of morality, not intellect. Walden has become a pro-death acolyte, genuflecting before the crazed, world-killing darkness that is Trump.

Lee Lull


Olympic considerations

Your July 1 article in the sports section on International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach being open to the possibility of a unified Korean team at the 2018 Winter Olympics due to South Korean President Moon Jae-in seeing the games as a possibility for dialogue and reconciliation gave me pause to reflect.

This is definitely a double-edged sword. Yes, it is an unprecedented opportunity to have both peoples coming together and for the North Koreans to meet other athletes from the free world. However, millions of North Koreans are suffering from hunger in order that Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un can boast that ”his" Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, aka North Korea, which has the fourth largest army in the world, is a contender in the nuclear arms race (under the guise of defense against U.S. provocation).

I dread to think of how many more poor citizens will suffer when money is poured into training and maintaining Olympic athletes if this comes to fruition.

Janet Scott


We must resist

Forget Trump’s pathological lying; his racism; bigotry; sexism; hatred; ignorance; incompetence; stumbling toward World War III; anti-science attitudes; destruction of our environment, clean air and clean water for greed; narcissism; focus on self-enhancement; utter disregard for the constitution; and assault on democracy.

Although we are encouraged to tone down our opposition, we cannot overlook the sheer cruelty of this president and the GOP. When Democrats try to redress the obscene income inequality in this country they are accused of redistributing wealth from wealthy to low income Americans as though this is a crime.

Now this sham of a health care bill, aptly labeled TrumpNoCare, deprives tens of millions of Americans of access to insurance. But, its primary purpose is different: the redistribution of wealth from middle- and low-income Americans to the already wealthy.

It will yank health care away from fellow Americans served by Medicaid (the aging, poor, and disabled) and cause many deaths. The absolute anti-Christian (or any religion for that matter) selfish inhumanity of this president and Republican supporters is galling.

If we let Trump steer our ship into an iceberg, we’ll all go down with him. We must resist with every fiber of our being.

Paula Perez Costas


Thanks to volunteers

Once again, Centennial Golf Club hosted one of the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) golf tournaments.

From June 25 through 29, Centennial hosted over 144 national and international young women and men who aspire to earn college scholarships through competitive junior golf. The AJGA tournaments are held nationwide and promote overall growth and development of young golfers.

The tournament at Centennial is one of the AJGA's largest, requiring that over 125 volunteer positions be filled to support the event. As volunteer chairman, I want to thank all of the volunteers for the time and energy they spent making this tournament an outstanding event. Well done!

Bill Seymour



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