Letters to the Editor, July 5

Letters to the Editor, July 5

Do this, don’t do that

Have you ever thought about how many people are trying to tell you what to do?

There’s the federal, state, county and city governments. Not just legislators, but unelected bureaucrats. If you fly, you have to deal with the TSA. If you belong to a church, there are rules. If you are part of a political party, they’ll try to influence your vote. If you are part of a homeowners association, a small group of people can have a lot of influence over your life.

A lot of times relatives will tell you what you should be doing. If you are a child your parents and often your siblings will tell you what to do. Your doctor will try to influence your lifestyle. More often than not they will tell you it’s for your own good, that they know better. Surely they are smarter than you are.

There is a need for some basic rules, but surely not the amount we have now. Every rule takes something away and I don’t think the rule-makers always consider that. Let’s foster free thinkers. Oh no, I just told you what to do!

Larry Fields


Walden needs to lead

The health care bill sent to the Senate by Rep. Greg Walden is clearly not one that will meet American's need for affordable and reliable coverage. The Senate has made an even worse mess of it and it appears to be going down in flames.

Why doesn't Walden provide the leadership to bring the twoparties together in a bipartisan health plan that can pass both houses and get signed by the president? We have to both pay for the plan and provide the care that people need including mental health coverage, women's health, help with addiction, etc.

Why not keep some of the Obamacare taxes on the wealthy so we can afford a plan that will give people comprehensive coverage? Why not require folks to have health insurance in the same way we require auto and homeowner's insurance?

Every family eventually needs to cover major medical expenses in the same way we need to protect our homes and protect other drivers and pedestrians on the road in the event of a crash. This is a concept that the majority of Americans understand and that our representative needs to help make a reality.

Larry Cooper


A fake president

Why does Trump continue to complain about fake news?

Trump thrives on fake news. He produces more fake news every day. It was fake news that got him elected.

We had a fake election, and now we have a fake president.

Herbert Childs


Single-payer needed

The two articles in the June 29 paper regarding insurance providers leaving Jackson County and the numbers of Oregonian at risk of losing health care should wake folks up to the fact that the U.S. needs the single-payer system supported by Physicians for a National Health Program.

Mary Lewis


ACA is affordable

There has been much written lately about the unaffordablity of the ACA. Many columnists and consumers are quoting premiums of half or more of their incomes. This is only true if you do not use the exchange at healthcare.gov to buy insurance — big mistake!

Your premiums are capped at 9.5 percent of adjusted gross income. I pay $150 a month for excellent coverage because my AGI is about $25,000.

Even if your AGI is $50,000, a single plan is capped at about $400 a month — do your own math.

Scott Merman


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