Letters to the Editor, July 30

Letters to the Editor, July 30

Don't subsidize development

Since I moved here in the 1990s I have repeatedly heard developers complaining that the city's system development charges were too high for developers to make a profit. Now we once again have a developer that wants the city to subsidize his "for profit" development by reducing the SDCs!

There have been several studies done regarding the SDCs the city charges. The fact is that the SDCs do not fully reimburse the city for the actual cost of new developments. One study showed that the existing citizens of Medford subsidize the average new development up to $30,000 per unit when the additional cost of new schools, police and fire services are included!

The developer states that he needs to save a million dollars to make the plan work. The SDCs are 5 percent of the cost. Eliminating them completely is not going to make his goal. The city should insist on 100 percent of the fees. If the developer can't find his savings somewhere else, maybe his net profits, it sounds like the project isn't viable. That is unfortunate; we do need the units.

The citizens of Medford should not subsidize developers to improve their bottom line.

Robert Soltz


A new chapter

After eight years of "No Drama Obama," we have entered a new chapter with the "Blame Everybody Else Except Me Drama Queen!"

If you have been observant, you must be aware of the daily theater of the last six months and should be wondering what is happening to our country. The culmination of this unimaginable period for me occurred on Monday, July 24. Our commander in chief held a political rally in West Virginia at the Boy Scouts Jamboree.

How many of these impressionable teenagers are even cognizant of the issues involving our government? It had the feeling of Nazi Germany with the brainwashing our youth along with the suppression of our free press, aka "fake news!" Watching this fiasco made me not just angry, but sad for our country.

Wouldn't you think that a president would have something better to do than bullying and bragging in front of these young adults? America is better than this. Resist.

Bob Miller


What happened to vision?

What happened to the "vision" Central Point had of a livable, walkable community? With the development of Smith's Crossing, with 245 apartments, it is sounding like we are headed toward having a city like any other poorly executed city.

What happened to the original design to reduce vehicle dependence?

Bend mixes denser living conditions with walkable livable areas close by. This is what we need if the area surrounding the Pine Street and Biddle Road area, (complete with a future Costco), needs so it will not turn into another re-creation of Highway 62 or worse.

As far as poor notification of projects, we know all about that here in the Central Point East subdivision. We had a total of four streets notified concerning a major project in our neighborhood park. We had to organize and collect signatures in less than two weeks to have our voices heard, and they were. Deeper thought needs to be put into the final outcome; we will all live with it for a long time to come.

L. Borum

Central Point

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