Letters to the Editor, July 3

Letters to the Editor, July 3

Get involved

An abomination! Taxpayer money provides "golden fleece" health care to the very people proposing to take away affordable health care for the millions in need.

It appears decision makers in Washington are becoming indifferent, soulless and heartless to the citizenry, the very citizenry that even provides them a lifetime retirement package.

This is more than saving affordable health care. Seriously, it could be about saving America. A country without a soul is what we called the "enemy." Please get involved.

Linda Zigich


Time for leadership

Is Peter Courtney, Senate president of the Oregon Legislature, paying attention?

Does he realize he represents all Oregonians in his leadership position? There is a subject about which I would like him to stop dilly-dallying around and assume leadership.

We are aware that Oregon is lagging in achieving the climate pollution reduction goals established in 2007 and that our state is no longer a leader in the climate arena. These 100-degree days are going to be the norm if this continues unaddressed; we will be summer prisoners in our own homes, clinging to the air-conditioning.

It is time for our Legislature to take a meaningful step to successfully address climate pollution. Oregon needs to do its part: We should impose a cap on emissions. We have made some progress with the Clean Fuels Program, but this is not enough. We need to maintain that program, not undermine it.

I am asking Peter Courtney to stand up and lead the charge by opposing any weakening of the Clean Fuels Program and by assigning a high priority to supporting HB 2135.

Louise D. Shawkat


No damage done

To the lady who was crossing Jackson Tuesday night about 9 p.m.:

I am the fellow in the BMW who was waiting for you to cross. It was not me who honked the horn, it was the driver in back of me who was so impatient that he honked his horn.

I am just glad that the drink you thew at me was not in a glass bottle, and did no damage to my car.

Ray Adams


Disastrous GOP health plans

Back in February, U.S. Rep. Greg Walden (R), from Oregon District 2, promised to improve health care for all Americans by repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. As chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Walden was a major architect tasked with drafting the GOP House plan.

The Congressional Budget Office analysis of the House bill projected that over 24 million Americans would lose health care access if the House bill passed into law.

The recently revealed Senate version of health care reform is only slightly less awful because only 22 million Americans will lose health insurance.

Both GOP plans would also imperil the robust health care industry that has been growing in Jackson County since the passage of the ACA. Here in Jackson County, 25,173 residents have gained Oregon Health Plan coverage because of the ACA expanded eligibility, according to an Oregon Health Authority report.

In Jackson County one out of every six jobs is in health care, and those jobs are well-paid, middle-class jobs.

Lets protect our health and our economy and reject those GOP plans.

Donna Breedlove


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