Letters to the Editor, Jan. 9

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 9

Pipelines vs. tourism

Is tourism or the proposed LNG pipeline better for the Southern Oregon economy? Last summer tourism took a big hit on revenue because of wildfires. Pipelines have a history of fiery explosions.

The pipeline would travel through heavily forested areas such as the Upper Rogue. One explosion and the entire area could go up in smoke. This could encompass the Union Creek area including Natural Bridge and many recreational sites. With extreme adverse conditions, who knows how much acreage would be devastated.

Sometimes pipelines leak and a careless cigarette or other source could cause a fire. And a major earthquake could cause a rupture and inferno. In Virginia after Hurricane Ike, a rupture in a pipeline sent a massive fireball into the sky, a quarter of a mile high and at least that wide. I read the article on the incident at that time.

If the pipeline is built and a catastrophe occurs, it will put an end to revenue from tourism. Burned out forests are not an attraction. Also, we, the citizens of Jackson and Josephine counties, will lose our backyard.

Margaret Bradburn

Eagle Point

Thiessen's fallacies

Your “Another View” column of Dec. 31 by Marc Thiessen was too aggravating to ignore, though I tried! There is not a single point he makes without a lie or distortion. Two hundred words is not enough to address all the fallacies so I’ll have to just hit the grossest distortions and most grievous errors.

Starting with his point No. 10, I don’t know how Thiessen can assert that (Trump is) “restoring America’s credibility on the world stage that Obama had squandered.” That is the opposite of reality. Ask the leaders of Canada, Australia, Mexico, Germany or the U.K. about this.

Achievement? No. 8: Declaring Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel. Time will tell how many needless deaths will be the result of this action. Prior presidents have had the wisdom to realize the danger of making a city that is a holy place to Jews, Christian and Muslims alike the capital of Israel. This president is decidedly not wise.

Some other achievements: abandoning efforts to stop global warming, approving the Keystone Pipeline and opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.

America cannot withstand many more of his “achievements.”

Larry Hayes



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