Letters to the Editor, Jan. 7

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 7

Cart fines absurd

I live in Central Point thankfully. I recently read that Medford is going to fine stores for shopping carts that have been removed from their businesses. I can only assume that the next step would be for the victim of a burglary to be fined for the possessions stolen from them. It seems absurd for the victims of a crime to be fined.

David Carter

Central Point

Read Voters' Pamphlet

It is instructive to look at Ballot Measure 101 supporting and opposing commentaries in the Voters' Pamphlet since their sources tell us as much as the content.

The pamphlet lists some 51 arguments in favor, furnished by 38 different individuals. This number excludes two listed as "in favor" but actually arguing for a "No" vote. The sources of the arguments in favor represent an array of health professionals, providers, hospitals, unions, advocates for seniors, disabled and children, and disadvantaged Oregonians.

Meanwhile, among the 27 arguments in opposition actually appearing in the appropriate location, there were only four individuals furnishing comments: Rep. Julie Parrish furnished 15, while Lindsay Berschauer furnished 10. Both seemed willing to engage in subterfuge since they also furnished the "No" arguments in the "Approve" section. These submissions represented groups opposing taxes and independent businesses. No opponents represent health care, Oregon workers, or health-compromised Oregonians.

Joyce Puccini Chapman

Shady Cove

No on 101

I wish someone would explain to me how single payer for everyone (Medicare for all) is considered "socialism" but asking us to tax our health care to provide free care for poorer people isn't?

I pay every month for my Medicare after having paid into it all my working life so I do not consider this an "entitlement," so why can't others make those same payments? Car registration took a whopping 25 percent increase, gas tax went up, every year our property taxes go up with no regard for us as taxpayers and all we get in return is projects like providing health care for all the kids in Oregon whether you're here legally or not. The legal part is just a burr under my saddle.

This year we're promised "reform" to entitlements which translated to Medicare and Social Security cuts, so believe me when I say, no on 101.

Wendy Grammatica

Central Point

Tax bill a good thing

The new tax plan passed by the two houses and signed by President Trump should be a good thing for our nation. Hopefully it will bring back home trillions off dollars stashed in foreign banks to be used to build new factories, the infrastructure and hire more workers.

We should use the added income to pay down our national debt. Many say they will use this money to grow the size of our government. We must insist upon the reduction of the out-of-control growth and spending. We also need to end the burdensome entitlement programs for people who are able to work, but are unwilling.

The House and Senate must end the hate and work together on what's best for our people; only love will change our human behavior. A nation divided will not stand. Printing money that's backed by nothing is only asking for trouble and giving foreign aid is crazy when we're basically broke. Elect people who love our nation and Israel. (She is one of our best friends). Happy New Year, America.

Gordon DeVos


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