Letters to the Editor, Jan. 6

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 6

Bridges are possible

In the vein of "Stories of bridges across the divide" (Dec. 25), I was heartened to read citizen Bartt Brick's letter to the editor in the Dec. 6 Madras Pioneer: "Fellow Republicans: We cannot allow this to happen."

Brick, describing himself as a "member of the Republican Party for all 47 years of my adult life," elaborated on situations that require him to "no longer sit silently and watch this administration tear down over 200 years of progress."

He encouraged Republicans to recall the words of Edmund Burke: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing," and to be driven by conscience, not expediency.

Republicans, and all of us, can read the full text of Bartt Brick's words at madraspioneer.com; search for his name. Eyes, ears and minds can be open. Bridges are possible. Onward!

Pat Gordon


Walden plea is all wrong

Sunday's letter from Kate Foley requesting an end to Walden attack ads misses the point. We have to bring Walden's failure in every area to the public because he has misled us all.

He supports mining, grazing and timber harvest of public lands, removing them from being sustainable. He pushed legislation to cut large-diameter trees on public lands under the guise of forest thinning when the truth is only small-diameter tree thinning will benefit any fire reduction. He has not protected Children's Health (CHIP) nor DACA dreamers which are so important as children are the key to our future.

He supports the reduction of national monuments (which restrict only destructive off-road vehicles). He fully supported the tax overhaul which caters exclusively to the rich and corporations and only temporarily gives low- and middle-class any relief. He does not promote alternative energy and continues to push for fossil-fuel expansion and the ridiculous gas pipeline which will only serve a Canadian company and Asia polluters.

Polluting industries and rich, greedy people fund him. He does not represent us. This is not an attack ad, but the truth.

Tom Doolittle


Give us our land back

Thanks for Kate Foley's letter printed Sunday in the Tribune about false attacks supporting national monuments. The actual truth is that over a million acres of land was returned to Americans by downsizing national monuments and allowing public access to our land.

Our own Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument is on Trump's list for downsizing. Hopefully we will soon get some of our property and access back in Southern Oregon.

Think about this: the original monument already has over a dozen BLM gates restricting public access to about 22,000 acres of the monument. According to Joel Brumm, assistant manager of the monument in the BLM Medford office, the gates were installed because the BLM doesn't have the money to patrol or maintain public property inside these gates. I wonder why environmentalists lobby for monument expansion when the BLM can't maintain the original monument?

Once again, California transplants, friends of the monument, FOT wilderness, FOT Greensprings, KS Wild, etc., think they know what is better for Southern Oregon than its residents. As for me, born and raised in Medford, please, President Trump, abolish the monument and give us our land back!

Brad Hewitt

Rogue River

Trickle-down observations

On Dec. 28, I read the letter titled “Observations” and came away shaking my head.

While a few of the observations appear to be fact-based, most are opinions, which may or may not be factual short-term nor hold long-term. I am reminded of the last two Democratic administrations, which each time stopped recessions after prior Republican administrations doubled the national debt. Can you say “trickle down?” After our last Republican president left us with the “Great Recession,” President Obama brought the stock market back to levels not seen since the 1990s while cutting unemployment in half.

That brings us to today. History moves slowly and teaches us that opinions or articles reported may not be accurate nor long-lasting. Trickle-down policies have twice harmed our economy and created great income inequality. Current information indicates that the United States, as one of 31 industrialized nations, possesses the greatest wealth inequality within this group and has the smallest middle class. Weakening our nation is the goal of Vladimir Putin. The falsehoods and current administration’s actions will help Putin, but not the people of the United States.

David van de Velde



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