Letters to the Editor, Jan. 4

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 4

Don't sign recall

Regarding the Ashland Senior Center: Our community has been subjected to a barrage of anger from a small group of citizens. They have launched a recall of three Ashland park commissioners. While one may empathize with their disappointment in staff changes, they have remained largely dismissive of community efforts to improve the workings of the senior center.

Respectfully voicing disagreement is a right that should be exercised freely. But in this instance, a vengeful recall campaign is truly a bridge too far.

Recall campaigns emanate from gross incompetence, chicanery or financial misconduct. Nothing close to such behavior exists here. If you disagree with a policy, have the mettle to campaign for the commissioner positions opening in 2018.

It is easy to indulge in disruptive grumpiness at community meetings. And it's fun to compose satirical songs and chants to highlight your grievances. It is much harder to engage in constructive civic discourse and decision-making. Let us end this episode of civic malcontent and lend our collective energies to improving the Senior Center.

My hope is that the citizens of Ashland refrain from signing the recall petition and certainly vote it down if it comes to fruition. We are better than this.

Stephen Jensen


Homeless resources

As I read the many articles about the homeless in our area, the resources available, I wonder: How can a newspaper that wishes to inform the community forget one resource that offers so much?

St. Vincent DePaul has been working with the homeless in this community for many years, with numerous resources for the homeless. Supported totally by volunteers, this organization runs year-round and offers hot meals daily (except Sunday), clothing, food bags, help with rent, utility, medical and other needs.

Also, it offers a place where homeless can come and take a shower plus launder their clothing. For families they offer shelter, furniture for those who need, sleeping bags, tents and so much more.

Give information about an organization that has been a part of the community meeting the many needs of the homeless. Thank you to St. Vincent and its many volunteers.

Connie Moyer


Thanks to Ryan Pfeil

Thank you, Ryan Pfeil, for your wonderful serial novella "Marley." I looked forward to reading it every morning and you always surprised and thrilled me.

I love "A Christmas Carol" and have played Scrooge for a theater company in California and Marley for the Oregon Stage Works. I can only imagine how much fuller my interpretation of Marley (and for that matter, Scrooge) would have been if I had had your "Marley" to pull from. I hope there are plans in the works for a publication or will we all have the joy of reading it every Christmas. Bravo, Ryan and the Mail Tribune!

Paul R. Jones



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