Letters to the Editor, Jan. 3

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 3

Robin Hood reversal

So, unlike DJ's boast to the Mar-a-Lago crowd that he made them all a lot richer, it's not true for the rest of us. The trillion dollars added to the deficit will cost all of us in interest paid on the debt and, doubtless, a weaker nation.

Giving folks money that is not one's own is an old trick. Eva Peron and Huey Long gave out money they carried around with them to people they wanted to please (publicly the poor). So here, we immediately have corporations giving $1,000 payouts to employees. Doesn't seem much like job creation to me.

On a personal note however, I now am allowed standard deductions of $15,200 and 2 personal of $8,300. Subtract total from $24,000 (new deduction total) and we come up with about $500. For us a tax break (all other loop-holes being equal) of about $75. For DJ, $11 million. Nice work for some!

Harvey Rupp


Integrity matters

Neither crooks nor the corrupt care, but integrity is something most of us value. Without integrity, which can be assessed many ways, one cannot be trusted. 

For politicians, a good measure is to evaluate whether they do what they promised, whether they serve themselves and special interests or serve their constituents, and whether they accept evidence when it indicates their opinions are based on misinformation.

There can be no doubt, since they have readily admitted it, that the occupants of this White House don’t have, and don’t care about, integrity.  Repeatedly, they tell us they make up their own facts to justify opinions and proposals — and then they call contrary evidence-based information "fake."

Major problems result when we elect representatives who lack integrity and their equally hypocritical colleagues protect them.  In Trump’s case, serious political scrutiny is avoided because the Congressional GOP doesn’t have integrity enough to reject Trump’s idiotic and unsupportable nonsense or his ignorant, unqualified nominees.  And so, with Trump supporters blindly accepting this nonsense, insanity and corruption continue.

When confronted with individuals lacking integrity, rational debate is impossible since they reject known science or simply make up their own supporting evidence. Middle ground cannot be found. 

Trisha Vigil


Vote yes for health care

Last year, Oregon achieved a goal once thought impossible — nearly every Oregonian had access to health care. This was possible because of the ACA Medicaid expansion and combined efforts of the Oregon Legislature, the governor and medical providers agreeing to a 1.5 percent levy on themselves to fund the gap in Oregon Medicaid. It was a rare example of bipartisanship and outside organizations cooperating for the betterment of Oregonians.

If Measure 101 is defeated, Oregon will have a $200 million to $300 million gap to fill and will forfeit up to $5 billion in federal funds. Up to 350,000 Oregonians could be left uninsured. Jobs will be lost. Left uninsured, patients’ only access to health care would be through emergency rooms, the most expensive way to receive health care and a significant inflationary factor for private health care premiums.

Please join me in voting “Yes for Healthcare” on Measure 101.

Bruce Van Zee, M.D.


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