Letters to the Editor, Jan. 14

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 14

Article misrepresented victim

Recently I read about a murder-suicide in Medford. Although the victim's name and photograph stared out at me from the front page, I immediately told myself this could not be the woman I knew and adored.

Charmaine Crunk worked for the financial office that our homeowners association uses, and (as HOA treasurer) I have known and worked with her for four years. She never hesitated to help me with my tasks even though at times, I’m sure it was a burden. In no way did the person I know match the accusation that her neighbor, of merely a few months, threw out, “they were both off, mentally off, ” implying that Charmaine was unbalanced. No, that was never my experience. She may have made some poor choices and because she was living with someone who turned out to be a murderer, her home life could not have been easy going. But she was focused, talented, kind, funny and strong. She had a sweet spirit that is rare. She was sadly at the wrong place at the wrong time. Charmaine was a joy to be around; I will miss her deeply as I am sure her family, friends and colleagues will.

Helene Feiner


Global warming

The East Coast of the U.S. is freezing, and the Great Lakes are getting tons of snow, so global warming must be over. So claim those who completely fail to understand climate science.

When moist warm air rises and meets cold air above, the moisture precipitates out and falls. When the upper air is cold, as when cold air is blowing down from the Arctic, this moisture falls as snow. When global warming decreases ice cover on the great lakes, more water evaporates, so the rising moist air is wetter — and thus we get more snow.

The speed and path of the polar jet stream is influenced by the difference in temperature between the Arctic and temperate regions (the continental U.S.) farther south. When that difference is reduced, as when the Arctic warms, the jet stream zigzags more and slows down. The result is huge swaths of cold air moving south from the Arctic. Known as the polar vortex, this cold air envelops the U.S. and somewhere gets a deep freeze. Even as the East is in a southerly zig of the jet stream, the West may exhibit an opposite zag, and warm air moves north.

Sorry folks, this is global warming

Bruce Bauer



With about 40 percent of all arrests reported in the MT being made of people with no known address (bums), wouldn’t you think it good police work to stop anybody pushing a grocery cart loaded with personal items on the street?

The first thing the cop needs to do is demand proof of cart ownership, and if the bum cannot provide it, then the cart needs to be impounded as stolen. Since the personal belongings were being transported in a stolen cart, there is probable cause to search the contents of the cart for other items reported stolen, drugs and whatever else.

I see Medford cops pass these cart thieves every day and they do nothing. Why? Medford has become so liberal and PC they are willing to let bums keep victimizing the taxpaying citizens, while doing little or nothing when they see the perpetrators walk by with an obviously stolen grocery cart full of who knows what.

Downtown Medford is becoming a slum! Do something before your property values plummet, because if you don’t, they will.

Carl F. Worden

Eagle Point


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