Letters to the Editor, Jan. 13

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 13

Abortion is violence

I fully agree with Scott Lloyd of the Office of Refugee Settlement that abortion is a form of violence (MT Dec. 22). Actually, abortion is a barbaric killing of an unborn child. Let the ACLU and the Planned Parenthood people watch an abortion procedure. If they haven't yet lost their sense of evil, they would recoil in horror at the brutality inflicted on the hapless baby.

In matters of technology, we're intellectual giants. We have landed people on the moon and continue exploring the mysteries of outer space. On issues protecting life, abortion advocates seem to suffer from some form of mental blackout. They can't see the human value of unborn babies, so the seek to destroy them.

Planned Parenthood is becoming more outrageous. The organization now claims abortion is health care. But dismembering a baby and crushing its skull is surely not health care. Rather, the process secures the unborn's extermination. Slavery was once legal in our country. The people saw its inhumanity and fought against it. President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 abolished slavery. May we all, abortionists included, awaken to the evil of abortion, work to end it and affirm the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

Terry Duran


Stop the whining

The time has come to stop the whining, the constant obstructionism, the crybaby, the spoiled childlike scream-and-yell-till-I get-my-way selfish behavior.

I recently watched a bunch of news and political experts and mentally gifted stars of the arts predict the future. They assured us that Donald Trump would never, ever be elected. Incorrect!

They then adjourned to the cerebral isolation booth, where they announced the impending death of America. While some chose to cry, others pounded news desks and the reputation of the victors. Still others were believed to be heading to the nearest NASA launch facility to book a seat on the next Venus shuttle.

This is a direct result of a coddled, undisciplined, everyone-wins, nobody-loses, fairyland approach to life. This is the fruit of parents who give in to their children’s tantrums and forward their badly behaved brats to an educational system that continues the dreamland indoctrination.

The time has come to restore the concept of consequences for actions.

The era of the crybaby must end. Tough it up, get a job, do the job, get paid and stop expecting someone else to clean up your mess. Because right now, it’s one hell of a mess.

Garth Harrington


Can't deny facts

I'd like to tell Kate Brown, Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden they can do all the yelling and screaming they want. There are several facts they can't deny.

First of all, the jobless rate, including African Americans, is lower than it has been for years. The economy and stock market has been soaring during the Trump presidency. Most of all, the American people feel hopeful again on the future of this country. The last eight years under the Democratic and Obama administration gave us nothing except stagnation.

Richard Cody


DACA response

I would like to address a point from Oscar Zuniga’s letter on DACA. I’m not sure what his immigrant grandparents have to do with dreamers, but if you want to compare notes, my grandparents immigrated to the U.S. from Italy in 1915.

Upon entering Ellis Island, customs officials conducted a brief health inspection (no TB!) and dental exam (has almost all teeth!). After a brief quarantine period they entered the U.S. as immigrants. There were no “immigration laws and requirements” at the time to understand, accept or follow, so they made their way to California. Even though my grandparents never managed to learn English, they were productive members of society, owning and managing a restaurant in the Bay Area, raising their children, pursuing their dream. My father grew up with immigrant parents, graduated from University of San Francisco, fought in World War II, successfully help raise eight children, and here I am. That should be what we focus on: allowing DACA children to pursue their dreams, not neglect them.

David Ghiringhelli


Vote yes on 101

A yes vote on Measure 101 allows the state to collect revenues so that eligible individuals and families continue to get health care under the Oregon Health Plan.

The Legislature approved this plan last session after working together with insurance companies, hospitals and others to avoid cuts that would result in loss of services. There is no default plan if the measure does not pass.

Oregon is a leader in expanding health care coverage, using federal dollars to match state funds. The quality of health care and life has improved for many of the less fortunate as a result.

The website yesforhealthcare.org provides the details you would want to know. Let’s keep moving forward and not lose ground in our goal to gain health care for all. This is the only item on the ballot.

Mail in a yes vote before election day, Jan. 23, 2018. Healthy people make a healthy state.

Steve Haskell


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