Letters to the Editor, Jan. 12

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 12

Kiwanis says thanks

The Kiwanis Club of Jacksonville wishes to thank everyone that purchased See's Candy from them this season and made their fundraising successful. All of the profits go to help children and the community.

This Christmas season the club learned about the family in Talent whose home recently burned to the ground, and the mother died in the fire despite heroic attempts to save her. This left a grieving father with two small boys who lost everything. The little family is presently living with the grandmother. With the club's Christmas Giving project, they were able to buy the family food, clothing and gifts for the children. This is just one of the many ways the Kiwanis Club helps the community and particularly children.

Dave Wilson


Change the system

No wonder the American people don't trust any politician. Politicians don't represent the people. They are controlled by the 5 percent of the population who control the money.

We have (millions) of people without jobs, begging on the streets. Our country has the largest prison population of all nations. The corruption in public service and private industry is appalling.

Since the industrial revolution, machines produce over 90 percent of all goods and services.The private capitalist system is owned and controlled by less than 5 percent of the citizens. And the primary concern of these people is to make the largest profit possible.They have no love or regard for their fellow humans.

The country desperately needs an entirely new system of public management to direct the huge production and distribution potential towards a high standard of living for all, including the very rich. A scientific system that would take the greed motive out of all transactions.

The huge wasted energy that goes to wars all over the world would be directed toward correcting all the criminal activities of the present greed system once and for all.

Get a copy of my book, "Protestors United: Alternative Solutions" at Barnes & Noble.

Edmond Dantes Vongehr


Scared grandmother

This letter is from a new grandma asking Robert Mueller if he has any information about Donald Trump that might save our future, please, let us know, now! He is bragging that his finger is itching to push "the button."

I am not scared for myself, I have lived life. My grandson just got started, he is innocent, and deserves to live his life. We cannot let one man decide our destiny!

Kathleen Bryan


Why Trump was elected

Cylvia Hayes asked a state government employee to take care of her dog (Tessa).

I hope the (liberal) editors of the Mail Tribune never have to ask or wonder why Trump was elected president of the United States.

Things like this are is the reason why people are fed up with government officials.

Dan Drebes


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