Letters to the Editor, Jan. 11

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 11

Picture was unnecessary

I’ve written this letter to newspapers many times. I started writing them in my mid-30s after going to the Tulsa Public Library and looking up the Tulsa Daily World the day after my mother died. I didn’t know until I pulled up the paper and saw the photo of a woman lying dead in the street. She was covered in a sheet as well.

And on Jan. 3, on the front page of the Mail Tribune, it appears again, a person lying dead under a sheet. It is a person under that sheet and somewhere someone loved that man. And someday maybe someone will look up the story of how he died.

I don’t think it’s necessary to show a dead person in the street to make it real. It’s real enough to say a pedestrian was hit by a car and died. My mother happened to be driving and thrown from a car and was lying dead in the street just the same. Fifty-eight years hasn’t changed that. And today the feeling is exactly the same as the day I pulled it up at the Tulsa Public Library. I wish those pictures weren’t published.

Dee Anne Everson


Learn how to recycle

China has stopped accepting our recyclables, because the U.S. sends dirty materials. This has resulted in much of the contents of our red bins going straight into our landfills.

While walking my dog (Thank you, MT, for the wonderful series “Animal Tales”), I noticed many of my neighbors' red bins overfilled with plastic bags, greasy pizza boxes and unwashed cans.

I wish to applaud everyone who recycles; however it is up to you to learn the new rules. Take an extra minute to clean and rinse out what you throw in the red bin. Did you know that glass is no longer accepted? Besides calling upon our citizens to take more care, I also call upon Rogue Disposal to include a flier with our bill. Please don’t rely on everyone going to your website, as it is not as easy as it should be.

Robin E. Brown


An embarrassment

The so-called president is such an embarrassment. He talks like a elementary schoolyard bully. His mouth should be washed out with soap and water and then he should be sent to live on a donkey farm with the other asses.

If he was a Democrat, he would have been impeached months ago.

Jack Eagleson


Is this Guatemala?

I have lived in Central America for quite a while. Driving on West Main Street past Sherm's and Bi-Mart toward Jacksonville reminds me of most roads in Honduras and Guatemala. Is there a shortage of asphalt? Did Trump sign an executive order halting all road repairs? Medford Public Works Department, what did I miss?

Gene Wood


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