Letters to the Editor, Feb. 25

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 25

Playing Russian roulette

On Feb. 14, a 17-year-old boy opened the unlocked door of a school with an assault rifle in his hands, killed 17 children and wounded 14. The same day, I walked through an unlocked school door and retrieved my granddaughter for an eye doctor appointment.

The only thing that kept the 800 students at that school safe from me was motive. My precious granddaughter could have been the victim of a deranged shooter and so could yours.

In our district we have taken no more precautions to keep our kids safe than we did eight school murders ago. The "Russian roulette" attitude from our school officials is scary. The arrogance of thinking God likes us better than those kids in Florida is ludicrous. Our children are as much at risk as any, vulnerable to the whims of the rageful and unhinged. Every area has a few; at the very least we must lock school doors to outsiders, include cameras and a buzzer system.

It'll cost money. Ask the mother who won't be able to put her arms around her daughter and say goodnight to her tonight, how much she'd pay to have her back. It'll cost less than that.

Sharon Kellington


How many will it take?

Another school shooting — 17 dead in Florida. Republicans say it's too soon to discuss solutions (code: they are opposed to any gun control) while Democrats suggest the opposite. Republicans’ recent strategy is to point to mental health issues, but their own budget has decimated Medicaid and other public health funding — ironically, mental health services among them.

So, what is common in all these mass shootings? Guns. In fairness to the NRA, it seems obvious that the shooters’ state of mind is abnormal — whether it is rage, mental imbalance, or perhaps even terrorist in nature. Then again, not every shooting involves someone who is classified as mentally ill.

But mass shootings (defined as four or more individuals shot or killed in the same general time and location) almost universally involve guns — specifically, weapons of war. Semiautomatic firearms, including handguns, provide for large amounts of ammunition, allowing shooters to fire for longer periods before reloading — hence mass killings.

Rather than politicians suggesting that we pray and offer condolences, isn’t it time to take this epidemic seriously? Too many innocents have died already. How many more will it take to come to our senses?

Alex Pawlowski


Learn the truth

Early in the 2016 presidential campaign I told my oldest and dearest friend, a staunch conservative and Trump supporter, that whoever was elected would be a very lucky president because the economy would continue to improve.

This obvious fact could be discovered if one went to multiple news sources online and in newspapers and magazines.

Lately, some readers have complained about anti-Trump letters. If they would just go to multiple news sources, including ones that did not simply support their preconceptions, they would have a better understanding of why the majority of Americans do not support our current president.

I am going to give them the benefit of doubt, because I believe that in their hearts they know our current president is not the kind of man they really want in the White House. All I suggest is that they act on what their heart tells them and learn the full truth.

Steve Bull



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