Letters to the Editor, Feb. 17

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 17

Cartoon objectionable

A recent MT political cartoon portrayed a bunch of tubby men perched on stools (with prominent plumbers' defects visible over their belts) seen trashing former Sheriff Corey Falls. They were labeled as "Danny's Bullies."

The idea was to insinuate that Danny Jordan harried Sheriff Falls out of his job. However, as subsequent very good MT reporting has revealed, Falls' tenure was marked by several instances of his own ill-considered behavior. Moreover, the county's investigation into Fall's numerous allegations of a "hostile" work environment found them baseless. This writer objects to the cartoon on the basis that it seemed to accuse fat and stupid white men of bringing down a blameless black public official. To call it a rush to judgment would be generous.

Hubert Smith


Our petty president

The Donald, our so-called president, is wasting no time dismantling the trust the United States has painstakingly built and maintained since the end of World War II.

Thoughtful analysis, encompassing diplomacy, mindful assertiveness and actions based on broad reasoning rather than simplistic arrogance have been the norm for 70 years. It took less than two weeks for his undisciplined, juvenile, petulant and "I want it now" tantrums to cast into question the freely bestowed, presumptive title that every president since FDR has enjoyed: Leader of the Free World. Sad.

M. Savage


Food Project says thanks

With a lot of help from our friends, Phoenix Community Pantry has sailed through the difficult months of December and January.

Thank you to ACCESS, Ray’s Fresh Alliance, Executive Chef Alfred Mueller, 169 Ray’s Stuff the Truck donors, Iron Skillet Restaurant, Desperate for Diapers Drive donors and those who bring redeemable can and bottles. December Green Bag Day donors sent in an astounding 4,231 pounds of goods and $655 in donations through the ever-supportive Phoenix Food Project, including Jackson County Republican Women’s Association and Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church, for a 2016 total of almost 30,000 pounds.

Since 2011 the very generous Phoenix Food Project donors have provided almost 130,000 pounds of food and household necessities. Watch for the aprons donated by PETRO on Green Bag Day, Saturday, Feb. 11. You do make a huge difference in your community.

Welcome all! Lend a hand! Contact me at info@phoenixfoodproject.org.

Karen Jones, Food Project district coordinator


A truly honest man

I read the article on Sheriff Falls on Jan. 24. I couldn't get it out of my mind. I have known this man since he was 5 years old; he's my son's best friend.

There is no more ethical, honest man around. Also a fabulous family man and friend. Jackson County was lucky to have him. Especially after a sheriff like Mike Winters.

There is no doubt in my mind that what he said in the article is all true. I'm sure all of the "good ol' boys" couldn't take a truly honest guy.

Claudia Pereira



Congratulations to Gary Nelson and the editorial page staff of the Mail Tribune.

In my 12 years in the Rogue Valley I have been pleased to note that criticism of the various syndicated columnists has run the gamut of political positions.

The fact that the Mail Tribune publishes views from different perspectives — be they political, gender, race, ethnic, regional — contributes to the education and conversations we should all be having.

If I'm not disturbed at least once or twice a week by one of your columnists, they are not doing their (your ?) job. Keep it up!

Bob Golding


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