Letters to the Editor, Feb. 16

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 16

Trump can do it

Some years ago there was a hole in the ground in New York City that had cost taxpayers millions of dollars, had taken years to excavate and was supposed to be a municipal ice-skating rink. The project was turned over to Donald Trump to see what he could do.

Six months later, and at half the original projected cost, Donald Trump had completed the project and the city's children were enjoying their skating rink.

Ahead of schedule and under budget. Taxpayers' dollars spend wisely and in a timely fashion. I call that taxpayer justice and that represents Donald Trump at his core.

Progressives don't oppose President Trump because they believe he will fail. Progressives oppose him because they fear he will succeed. The establishment doesn't want to "drain the swamp" because they are the swamp.

The election of President Trump gives us the chance to make America what America was meant to be. A constitutional republic of limited federal power allowing the states or the people to chart their own course. If left alone, the dynamic of a truly free American people and free economy will make America great again. That is our destiny.

Doug Dusenberry

Gold Hill

Keep this country great

The new president lost all legitimacy for me when he dared to ridicule a real American hero named John McCain.

Of course the right wing commander in chief never has served his country. In time of war he didn't pay taxes to support the troops, not even to purchase bandages! He will be another right-wing chicken hawk who avoided sacrifice but will not hesitate to send others' sons and daughters to war.

Trump believes he is God, that he is infallible. Yet he is neither just nor righteous, which is typical of false prophets. This is a dangerous personality in the White House. He even turned to the Russians for help, playing right into the hands of Putin, whose only goal is to have this country disintegrate.

For the majority of patriotic Americans who did not vote for Trump, especially those with moderate political views, it is time to wake up and defend democracy. We need to resist the right-wing agenda all the way to 2020.

Service, personal responsibility and maybe even living with a bit of grace and class. Those are the attributes that will keep this country great for centuries to come.

Dan Van Dyke



President Trump's hand-picked candidates are, for the most part, successful, accomplished, self-made individuals at the top of their game in the private sector. They had real responsibilities to their employees, their companies and the owners of the companies, the stockholders, among them many union pension funds. They have a working knowledge of economics, banking, negotiating, responsibility, difficult decision-making and the importance of relying on knowledgeable and experienced people so they make the correct decisions in fulfilling their obligations.

Former President Obama's appointees were political and media hacks, party loyalists, ideologues, fellow travelers, political activists, community organizers, aspiring novelists, communists and university professors. People with no discernible worthwhile experience in the real world.

These "elites" fabricated all kinds of theoretical programs. Their lack of experience and practical knowledge foisted on Americans: Obamacare, ISIS, Solyndra, the Iran deal, long-term economic stagnation, increased poverty, more welfare recipients, increased taxation and restricted freedoms. When the theories hit reality they became colossal failures. Others (Iran deal) threaten the nation's security.

Perhaps I am overly optimistic. However, it should be fun to compare the deep bench of the new administration to the inexperienced one of the other. Isn't success preferable to failure?

Mitchell Rofter


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