Letters to the Editor, Feb. 15

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 15

The comeback begins

After watching Tom Brady pull off an impossible comeback to win the Super Bowl it occurred to me that 2017 can also be a winning year for America. Consider:

  • Obama and Biden are gone.( No more apologizing for America.)

  • Hillary and Bill are gone. (No more play for pay.)

  • John Kerry and Harry Reid are gone, to be followed soon by more career incompetents.

In addition, if the incoming administration does what it promised during the election we will see:

  • A dramatic drop in taxes,personal and corporate.

  • Long overdue relief from crushing government regulations.

  • The return of manufacturing and jobs to America.

  • A rebuilding of our crumbling infrastructure.

  • A real change in our African American and Latino communities

  • A rebuilding of our military.

  • A strong foreign policy.

  • A closing of our porous borders.

  • A workable health insurance program.

  • More constitutional judges to the Supreme Court.

  • And a ramped-up attack on worldwide radical terrorism.

The year 2017 is shaping up to be remembered in history as the beginning of the comeback of America.

Tom Brussat


Trump's taxes

Elizabeth Golledge of Ashland, in her letter dated Feb. 4, asks, “what possible impact could a simple tax return have on an election if its content were known?”

First of all, all presidential candidates have done so going back for decades when running for the highest office and it is common practice. Second, we already know that President Trump has not paid any federal taxes due to huge loss carry forwards from previous bad investments.

Finally, I think the simple reason could lie in his list of donations. That would reveal who he has personally donated to, donation amounts and perhaps even more telling, the lack of any donations at all.

We all know he is being audited, his tax returns are massive in size, but most critical information is found in a relatively few pages of a tax return and would not be a burden to provide.

Chris Glud


Insulting to women

Ken Gosling said the women's march in Ashland was powerful. If it was so powerful how come his last sentence insulted all women and gave his thoughts of women?

The hats and the costumes the women in Washington were wearing were an insult to all women. I was ashamed it was plastered all over so my grandsons had to see what some women thought of themselves.

Judy Westcott


Food Project says thanks

With a lot of help from our friends, Phoenix Community Pantry has sailed through the difficult months of December and January.

Thank you to ACCESS, Ray’s Fresh Alliance, Executive Chef Alfred Mueller, 169 Ray’s Stuff the Truck donors, Iron Skillet Restaurant, Desperate for Diapers Drive donors and those who bring redeemable can and bottles. December Green Bag Day donors sent in an astounding 4,231 pounds of goods and $655 in donations through the ever-supportive Phoenix Food Project, including Jackson County Republican Women’s Association and Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church, for a 2016 total of almost 30,000 pounds.

Since 2011 the very generous Phoenix Food Project donors have provided almost 130,000 pounds of food and household necessities. Watch for the aprons donated by PETRO on Green Bag Day, Saturday, Feb. 11. You do make a huge difference in your community.

Welcome all! Lend a hand! Contact me at info@phoenixfoodproject.org.

Karen Jones, Food Project district coordinator



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