Letters to the Editor, Feb. 12

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 12

Clean up the records

On Jan. 31, the Mail Tribune reported the Medford Urban Renewal Agency spent $63,700,000 since 1988 without adequate documentation and leaving the Beatty-Manzanita neighborhood in worse shape than before. How did that occur?

Clay Bearnson, city councilor and MURA board member, said, “There seems to be gaps in paperwork from 1988 to the time the council took over."

Mayor Gary Wheeler, 12-year MURA board member, said he "assumed" that financial records were being kept, but much of the information from back then is pretty hazy in his mind. “The records — I don’t know.”

Brian Sjothun, city manager, said he received boxes of files from MURA and his staff has attempted to sift through them, but “The record-keeping isn’t what we do here."

Gaps in the records, hazy memories, I don't know, and I thought someone else was keeping track. It's easy to neglect a neighborhood when no one is watching or responsible.

Now, the City Council is debating whether to extend MURA's existence.

First, hire a forensic accountant to document past spending, any malfeasance, and create record-keeping standards.

Then, if MURA is continued, it should focus on renewing the Beatty-Manzanita neighborhood.

Steven Carter


Protecting our families

Short and simple. The issue that people are protesting about is not about hate, it is about protecting our families, communities and ourselves from people that are bent on killing any of us they can get their hands on!

They have plainly said it over and over, this is what their agenda is. We have seen it on the news in San Bernardino. If you were to go to their country, they would capture you, torture you and decapitate you and show it on YouTube, which they have!

How are you to know who is the enemy or not to allow them into our neighborhoods? Allowing everyone into this country with open arms is setting yourself and this nation up for another 9/11. Just saying.

Vaughn Weeks


Trump is the threat

I believe that Donald Trump is the biggest threat to our national security. We have avoided a major attack by militant Islamist extremists by the in-fighting between their factions. Trump’s travel ban has given them a reason to band together against their common enemy: us.

Trump needs to be reminded that this is not a game. Neither is it a business venture where, if it fails, he can declare bankruptcy and start again. Nor is it a television show where he can call “Cut” and do the scene again.

We need our congressmen and senators to stand up and protect us.

Debi Michtom


Where are the leaders?

As violence at the "Trump Hate" rallies continues, where are the leaders of the Democratic Party? Is this what the Democrats now stand for?

Assaulting any Trump supporters that dare show up to express their point of view, there is video evidence of this happening again and again, with very little done to address it or even to report on it by the mainstream media. The Democrats are becoming the party of chaos, this is being tacitly encouraged by their leadership. Oppose with violence any opinion with which you disagree; this is now the Democratic platform, always, you will notice, blamed on "outside agitators."

Michael Mehl



In light of the first week or so of the Trump (Bannon) administration, every citizen of this country should familiarize themselves with the 25th Amendment. It deals with the removal of a disabled president.

Having seen his actions and heard his words, I believe the president of the United States is crazier than an outhouse rodent. No sane person would go out of his way to continually humiliate and bully our Mexican friends and allies, antagonize the prime minister of Australia and scold and threaten administrations that are as unbalanced and crazy as his is.

His cabinet picks are mostly cruel jokes: Rick Perry to head an agency he wanted to get rid of; the man who will lead the EPA is suing it; Jefferson Beauregard Sessions will protect our civil rights, and on and on. The fine hand of Steve Bannon is evident in all of this. Create constant chaos and tear down the existing institutions with nothing but chaos and hate to replace them.

I remember Grover Norquist saying the Republicans could put a chimpanzee in the White House as long as it could hold a pen and sign in their agenda. Well, boys, congratulations: you did it!

Jean Strong


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