Letters to the Editor, Feb. 10

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 10

Pitts and Parker

Others have questioned why you print Pitts' articles. I do, too. Recently he referred to Dr. Ben Carson (Pitts was not even polite enough to include his title!) and Herman Cain as "human cartoons." His blatant liberal bias is affecting any judgmental decency he might possess.

I hoped we might be spared Parker's anti-Trump diatribes for a while when she recently got our hopes up by stating she was "frozen in ice." Alas, such was not to be the case. We realize she is among the sorest of the sore losers, but enough already.

Printing the opinions of these two certainly does not constitute "balanced" editorializing.

Bud Bergstrom


Will getting more balanced

For many years, as a liberal, I have been getting my political balance from intelligent conservatives David Brooks and occasionally George Will. Friday's paper with George Will's column about “Minority rights inherent in founder’s words” was an excellent piece.

Since George Will resigned from the Republican Party, I find his op-ed contributions more balanced. I also appreciate contributions by Pitts, Harrop and McFeatters.

Jim Fritz


Make roads safer for all

Kudos to Medford, Talent and Ashland for sweeping gravel from city roads following the snow in early January. Regrettably, ODOT and other local governments have not swept roads or have been slow to do so.

Most motorists won’t notice the difference between swept and unswept roads. That is because the gravel is thrown out of the travel lane by passing traffic and into bike lanes or shoulders. It is a very different story for bike riders getting to work, school, or out to enjoy the beautiful Rogue Valley. The gravel forces people riding bikes to drive their bikes further into the travel lane to avoid the accumulated debris.

Please be aware that cyclists must often ride (and are legally permitted to ride) in the travel lane. Too, cyclists may quickly swerve out of their chosen line of travel to avoid rocks, sticks, glass, etc. and use part or all of the travel lane.

As a motorist, be sure to give bicyclists a lot of room and use the adjacent lane (slowing and yielding to oncoming traffic as necessary). That will help make the roads safe for everyone (see ORS 811.065).

Gary Shaff, education chair, Siskiyou Velo


Expansion is valuable

Being relatively new to Ashland, I was delighted to see the recent expansion of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. The area is a pristine, diverse biological and botanical specimen of the very little bit of this world that still remains as it has evolved. It is not an area to be consumed by grazers, miners, timber harvesters and greedy people and corporations who want to exploit it.

If you want to see exactly what I mean, take a trip to Jenny Creek Road and look at the devastation that Green Diamond and other corporations have inflicted on this area. It will be 50-plus years before the area is able to be considered as viable. These priceless resources must be managed and preserved.

I and many of my neighbors and friends, are dismayed at the time, effort and taxpayer resources being used by Jackson County commissioners to attempt to negate the expansion. I feel reliance on the promise of income from O&C land is not rational, and  efforts need to be made to get beyond that and find revenue in more sustainable methods. Please work to change the efforts in our area to those of a more sustainable life and benefit.

Tom Doolittle



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