Letters to the Editor, Dec. 4

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 4

Thanks for story

We were very pleased to see the Mail Tribune article relating the immigration story of Laz Ayala. His story is a prime example of the opportunity America offers to all people to become successful and become productive members of their communities.

Laz is a valued asset to Southern Oregon and an emerging leader. The article illustrates how everyone, whether immigrant or native to our country, has the potential to positively influence society. We encourage more similar coverage from the Mail Tribune. Thank you for highlighting positive aspects of our region.

Lindsay and Jim Berryman



In his letter of Nov. 28, Rick Nelson, an admitted “Deplorable,” surmised that liberals seem to have been affected mentally by Trump’s election. I am a liberal, and I have absolutely been mentally affected.

Mentally I cannot wrap my head around the fact that anyone, but especially women, voted for a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women, admitted he walked in on naked women in dressing rooms, said his daughter was “so hot” that if she weren’t his daughter he would date her, and berates women any chance he gets.

Mentally I am bewildered by people who see nothing wrong with an occupant of the Oval Office inciting violence, racial discord, and religious bigotry; calling white supremacists “good people”; saying it would be better to have a Republican pedophile in the Senate than a Democrat.

Mentally I don’t understand how anyone can admire a man who lies every time he opens his mouth, reacts like a juvenile to every criticism, cannot go one day without bragging about himself and embarrasses the United States everywhere he goes.

Mentally I struggle with the reality that “Deplorables” have not been affected mentally by Trump’s election and are not totally disgusted.

Marti Hawes

Eagle Point

Open the curtain

Any magician knows that their advantage is distracting us from the illusion they are selling. We watch one hand, not the other doing the illusion.

Why do we allow Trump to distract us with from the reality of his actions? Distraction about NFL players, basketball players and China, calling rivals petty schoolyard names, and repeated petty vain Twitter battles. Media fall in line and feed his vanity with hours of wasted airtime, while true discussion of our problems and potential solutions is minimal.

Its time to look behind the curtain: Watch his left hand as he dismantles our social safety net, turns ensuring clean water, air and land over to the polluting corporations. Look at his tax gifts to the wealthy, his gifts to big pharma and corporate health. Watch his dismantling of net neutrality. Two hundred words are not enough to list his frightening ideology.

We have a vain, bigoted, racist, blowhard corporatist as our P.T. Barnum illusionist president. But like any huckster snake-oil salesman, he can only succeed when we allow him to exist behind the curtain.

Let’s follow the lead of Dorothy and her friends. Open the curtain, bring his actions into the light of day.

Ken Gosling


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