Letters to the editor: Aug. 7

Letters to the editor: Aug. 7

Walden's 'accomplishments'

Regarding Rep. Greg Walden's recent constituent letter "welcoming Interior Secretary Zinke back to southern Oregon."

Interesting, Greg, but not what’s on my mind. What I can’t quit thinking about is:

  • Your key role in trying to repeal a health care law that the vast majority of Americans and, indeed, Oregonians, support and don’t want repealed.

  • I can’t quit thinking about your support — and, indeed, endorsement — of a truly vulgar man who seems to be as thoughtful, competent, principled and even-keeled as U.S. president as he was a businessman.

  • About how, since President Trump was elected, you seem to have made it your business to look the other way every time he commits another lewd act or repeats yet another blatant lie for which you’d have persecuted President Obama, had he done the same thing.

  • And I can’t quit thinking about how, taken together, your actions on the nation’s most important matters strongly suggest that you value your own skin more than you value the well-being of your fellow Oregonians — and the well-being of our democracy.

We’re not stupid, Greg. Photos of you glad-handing with ranchers and the DOI secretary don’t undo our memories of your biggest “accomplishments.”

Doug Viner


Naloxone reference misleading

Regarding the editorial “Confessions of a political moderate” by Bob Hunter (Aug. 2), I found myself agreeing with Mr. Hunter word for word throughout — except for one point that deserves clarification.

The editorial mentions “the endless, and expensive, supply of the antidote naloxone to the heroin user who overdoses again and again and again.” This is misleading on a local basis. Given that the Mail Tribune is a local paper, and Mr. Hunter is a local editor, his editorials read as implicitly local.

So while the naloxone statement may be true in some parts of the country, it does not reflect the Rogue Valley. The valley is fortunate to have an active naloxone program which shows no history of the antidote being administered to the same users multiple times.

Yes, addiction is terrible, and it’s difficult to sympathize with those who suffer the disease. At the same time, Tribune readers should be aware of the efficiency of this life-saving treatment.

Terry Erdmann


Sanctuary for whom?

It’s apparent with the release of felon Sergio J. Martinez that Gov. Kate Brown and her cronies in Salem, Portland and Multnomah County have no regard for the citizens in their respective areas.

This felon has been deported to Mexico at least 20 times, only to return and recommit crimes. In the latest act, he was released and immediately went out and physically and sexually assaulted a 65-year-old woman. After that he proceeded to attack another woman in a parking garage.

If the protectors of the citizens of Oregon care so little about law-abiding people the least they can do is keep those felons in their respective areas. If you want to have a "sanctuary state" or city, fine, just make sure your felons stay there with you and don’t "escape" to harm the rest of us.

Is there any number of crimes and deportations that are too many and need to be stopped? How many rapes, murders and attacks does it take to wake people up to a problem?

P. Moran


A pathological liar

President Trump appears to be suffering from pseudologia fantastica, more commonly known as pathological lying. He is unable to tell the truth. Sadly, he believes what he says is truthful, even though his words are clearly false.

I feel sorry for his staff, trying to defend his lies. Today, if he looks up and says, "What a beautiful blue sky," I will not believe that the sky is blue.

Bob Williamson




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