Letters to the Editor, Aug. 11

Letters to the Editor, Aug. 11

Forward, not backward

When camping in Eastern Oregon earlier this summer, I could see many signs of support for President Trump. What was not visible is that the president may not make payments to health insurance companies. And because of this uncertainty over the cost-sharing reduction piece, insurance companies like Anthem are not offering health insurance on select exchanges.

Many rural areas will be hard-hit, and even though they supported candidate Trump, he is now threatening to withhold financial support for their health care. You could make the case that his actions are part of the problem, not the solution.

Fortunately for Oregonians, the Legislature passed, and the governor signed, a law to raise revenue from hospitals and insurance companies which will be matched by federal dollars to provide health care and subsidies for those who qualify. This takes our state forward not backward. But there is a petition to undo this legislation. I urge residents to think carefully about the matter — a setback would affect many lives.

In my view, it is patriotic to strive for the common good and general welfare, including health care. Urge Congressman Walden to bring Oregon savvy to Washington and avoid a big problem.

Steve Haskell


God chooses presidents

Was it Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden who ate of the forbidden tree, causing the fall of all their descendants, or was it President Trump? Was it the devil who caused wars, destruction, sickness, pain and misery, or was it President Trump?

The way the media portrays our president would confuse anyone. No matter what we each think of President Trump, all presidents are chosen by a higher power called God (Romans, Chapter 13). You could say he is the Trump of God.

Joan White


All are worth saving

I confess that I find the lives of all human beings worth saving.

Regarding "doubt" about an "endless expensive supply of naloxone" for those who overdose repeatedly on heroin, you may consider that naloxone is less expensive than an ICU stay and that treatment is less expensive than addiction. Addiction is a chronic relapsing illness as is diabetes, heart disease, asthma and COPD. When Ella comes into the ER, unconscious (again) due to high blood glucose, despite repeated dietary counseling and the threat of dialysis, we don't say, "I'm tired. Let her die this time." Nor would we say that about bacon-eating Bob, fourth visit for chest pain this year. So why would you disregard the life of an addict?

Sadly, the U.S. consumes 80 percent of the world's supply of opioids, typically in pain pills. We will have to pay the piper. When it's your child, no matter how upset with them you are, it all becomes less theoretical.

Happy to provide research articles documenting that naloxone access plus Good Sam laws do not equal increased drug abuse.

I am a controlled medication safety nurse and coordinator of Oregon Pain Guidance's three-county naloxone work group.

Sara Smith, RN, BSN


Mind-boggling fraud

In Jay Abrose's column of Aug. 5, he states there have been 938 voter fraud convictions in 47 states over the past 17 years. That works out (my math might be a bit shaky) to about 1.2 people per state per year. The magnitude of the problem is mind-boggling! How have we let this problem go unchecked for so long?

Catherine Heilman


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