Letters to the Editor, Aug. 10

Letters to the Editor, Aug. 10

Understand the epidemic

As the founder of a local nonprofit distributing naloxone I invite you to start talking to colleagues, friends and neighbors about how the opioid epidemic in this valley has affected them, get in the middle of it and see how it looks from there, if they trust you enough to talk about it.

Blanket statements about heroin users and the homeless are so easy we may think they encapsulate what we are trying to say, but sadly only contribute to the ignorance that pervades our understanding of complex public health issues that affect so many in our community.

Who decides how many times is enough for the Iraq war veteran who returned home with PTSD and a heroin habit, for the young woman now homeless who experienced traumatic events as a child and many more who suffer with mental health issues and for whom there are nowhere near enough resources.

Everyone is someone's son, daughter, brother, sister, neighbor or parent, and it is a measure of who we are as a community how we treat them.

Julia Pinsky, Max's Mission


Animals for dinner

I am in agreement with Ragan Cavanaugh's letter of July 25 about 4-H and FFA. This is akin to taking on a household pet and giving it good, loving care. Then, time's up! It goes for slaughter.

We object to the use of dogs for human consumption in Oriental countries. The only difference is the type of animal.

Do we believe farm animals don't have feelings? After a horrible life and horrible death, these animals end up on our dinner plate!

Barbara Vlahos


4-H, FFA take dedication

Concerning Ragan Cavanaugh's letter of July 25 attacking FFA and 4-H, am I to presume that this person is vegan?

A have two granddaughters who participated in FFA for many years. The dedication it takes to raise a lamb, pig or steer creates confidence, a good work ethic, money management and love — yes, they really care about and for each animal.

Money from the sale of these animals often is what is needed for college.

Judy Van Blarcom


End the witch hunt

It's about time to end this phony Russian collusion thing. After many months there is absolutely no evidence of any Trump/Russia collusion. We've wasted enough taxpayer money on this witch hunt! Robert Mueller and his Clinton donors that are helping him need to be sent packing.

Now where we do have hard evidence and facts is on Hillary Clinton, the Uranium One deal and the pay-to-play, the Ukraine collusion, lying about the emails, lying about Fast and Furious, lying about Benghazi, Bill Clinton's tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch during the Clinton "matter" and the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scandal, and the list goes on! Loretta Lynch telling Comey (not asking him) to not call it an investigation of Hillary Clinton but to call it a matter. Comey for numerous crimes, mishandling the Clinton investigation, mishandling government information, not turning his finding over to Loretta Lynch as he was supposed to, etc. Susan Rice lying about looking into the Trump transition team then later on admitting it happened and came up with a phony excuse why they did it.

Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley told me he is in favor of sanctuary cities, and he thought police and citizens were too.

Rod Rogers

Rogue River

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