Letters to the Editor, April 29

Letters to the Editor, April 29

Medical aid in dying

Regarding the columns by Dale Meador and Matt Witt: As a physician, now retired, I witnessed many unpleasant deaths despite everyone’s best efforts to alleviate suffering. That’s why I supported Oregon’s 1997 Death With Dignity Act. Data over the past 20 years have revealed no abuses. Pastor Meador seems to fear that letting terminally ill persons choose the time and manner of their deaths will lead to authorities determining if genetically defective babies and those with disabilities will be allowed to live. I still provide confirming consultations for physicians willing to prescribe medication to a terminally ill patient. After reviewing records and examining the patient, I am required to certify that the individual has a fatal disease with a life expectancy of 6 months or less, is over 18, an Oregon resident, mentally competent to understand the diagnosis and prognosis, the consequences of taking the prescribed medication, and feasible alternatives including hospice care. I am careful to ascertain that the individual is not coerced and understands the right to change his or her mind. The form I must sign is filed with the Oregon Health Authority. I respect those with religious beliefs prohibiting this practice. They need not participate.

Bill Southworth, M.D.


We can do better

While I support removing Greg Walden from office, I am totally opposed to Jamie McLeod-Skinner as a possible replacement. Those whose exposure to Jamie is through her resume, website or her speaking at rallies have probably not interacted with her in a governmental setting.

As the former Phoenix Urban Renewal Agency chairman, I had several meetings with Jamie when she was city manager of Phoenix. I found her insulting, condescending and not a team player. Perhaps that is why she was fired after a few weeks.

As a former U.S. Air Force colonel, I represented an office within the Secretary of Defense on Capitol Hill and had interaction with members of Congress for several years. If elected, Jamie does not have the personality to be effective in Congress and would be ignored by her peers.

We can do better. I encourage voters to look at the other Democratic candidates.

Al Muelhoefer


Thanks for pipeline funding

The Rogue River Valley Irrigation District is pleased to report that we have received the needed additional funding from the Oregon Legislature to install the Bradshaw Drop Piping Project. We plan on starting to lay pipe later this year and should be finished in 2019.

We want to especially recognize Rep. Pam Marsh for all the assistance she provided in getting the funding restored after our project’s funding was initially approved but then canceled last year. Rep. Marsh worked tirelessly to help communicate the benefits of the project to the leadership of the Legislature as well as the governor’s office in addition to working across the aisle to reach broad bipartisan support for our project.

We also want to thank the environmental groups, local municipalities and agricultural producer organizations among other various local entities whose support was integral to showing that this project had wide-ranging benefits for Southern Oregon.

Brian Hampson, RRVID district manager

Bryan Baumgartner, board president

Larry Martin, board member

Gerald May, board member

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