Letters to the Editor, April 24

Letters to the Editor, April 24

El presidente

Just a few words of appreciation for a president who tells it like it is. After a steady diet of lawyers, generals and highly educated professionals we finally have a guy the average man can relate to.

Speaking in simple repetitive, short phrases, here is a man who paints his own picture of reality. America’s children can surely learn much from this straight shooter: Women are not to be believed, no matter how many claim abusive treatment, they are all liars and, really, are here for our pleasure. Those we disagree with are to be labeled with derogatory terms: liar, leaker, slime ball. Intelligence agencies are a step below Fox News. Environmental concerns are no concern. And finally, politicians are pathetic, spineless, incompetent lackies who lack the courage to nail this clown. Are we great yet?

Barry Solof


Vote for Neahring

We have looked carefully at the policy statements and capabilities of the candidates for the Democratic nomination for District 2 Representative to Congress and concluded that Dr. Jennifer Neahring is the most viable one to defeat Greg Walden in the general election.

Having recently met and talked with Dr. Jenni, our opinion is confirmed. No one else has the depth of understanding of what needs to happen to improve health care for Oregonians. She also has practical positions on other issues that affect Oregonians, including forest land management, common-sense gun safety and others. Most importantly, she demonstrates the ability to listen carefully and find common ground — skills she learned dealing with tense, emotion-ridden conversations in her role as a physician in palliative care. She is a healer, not a divider. Please take a close look at Dr. Jenni and vote on May 15.

Bruce and Chrystine Van Zee


Who are the rulers?

A recent writer stated the biblical principle that we must obey those who have authority over us and Romans 13 says that every person must be subject unto the higher powers because all such powers are ordained of God.

In our republic, We The People are the highest power, we grant perhaps 30 powers to our government servants and reserve all other powers to ourselves. Our servants have sworn to perform their duties and to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. It is therefore their responsibility to obey us, not the other way around.

Because we have failed to keep them in line, our servants now live far better than we do, they are exempt from rules and laws that we must follow, they get salaries and benefits that none of us enjoy, and they demand that we refer to them with lofty titles, but they are servants, not rulers.

Oscar Zuniga


A man of integrity

There are many reasons to vote for Joe Davis for Circuit Court judge.

Joe is honest and fair. He has a breadth of experience in criminal, family and civil law. He has deep roots in the community and a track record of public service. And above all, Joe is kind — and will treat all those who come before the court with respect.

I am grateful to have such an excellent candidate, a man of integrity, to support in the coming election. Please join me in voting for Joe Davis for Circuit Court judge.

Amy Cuddy


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