Letters to the Editor, April 21

Letters to the Editor, April 21

Viewpoint damage a shame

We appreciate the "Since You Asked" response regarding the recent change at the Old Stage Road Scenic Viewpoint.

The former Westside Neighbors Association worked for this viewpoint because of its location affording a panoramic view of the valley. We placed a mountain locator plaque to help people identify the mountain views. It was stolen in 2015 along with the DAR's 1939 plaque commemorating stagecoach travel along this route.

These thefts, after a summer fire that could have raged out of control, plus the increasing general nuisances of garbage, noise, drug dealing, overnight sleeping, etc., convinced everyone "the bad actors" had spoiled the site for everyone. The county has engineered the current arrangement to enable cyclists, walkers and others to still be able to walk into the viewpoint and enjoy the setting.

How sad that something offered to the general public has been spoiled by a disrespectful few.

Bob and Joanne Wilcox

Central Point

Town hall was a sham

In my opinion, Greg Walden’s recent Medford Town Hall was a sham. I had thought he would listen to constituents and answer questions. But it seems Walden was not listening, because his responses mostly resembled rehearsed talking points rather than answers to the specific questions. Plus, he did not allow the follow-up that would have enabled citizens to press for more relevant responses.

At the meeting, I asked Walden whether he supports independent investigation of Russia’s involvement in our elections and possible collusion with Trump’s campaign. In this case, he did answer the specific question by saying that, basically, he supports partisan investigation rather than nonpartisan. He then turned his back and proceeded across the gym seeking a new question. Had Walden allowed follow-up, I would have pointed out that partisan investigation is inherently biased and, therefore, unsatisfactory.

My opinion that Walden is not really listening is supported by a story in Medford’s Mail Tribune on April 16, in which Walden said: “I am the place they can come and vent.” Venting is one-way communication. Allowing citizens to “vent” implies to me that Walden is happy to tolerate voters’ speech and also happy to ignore it.

Peggy Vernier


The fuss about climate

There’s a lot of controversy today about climate change — how our planet’s rising temperature may be on course to disrupt the climate’s delicate balance. Scientists agree that it is problem that we need to address.

But warring camps of climate warriors and deniers have taken what should be a risk management problem and made it a referendum on capitalism. It’s another divisive political issue. Is there a way forward?

Join us at 3 p.m. Saturday, April 22 in the Adams Room of the Medford Library to consider climate change, asking, “What’s the science really telling us?”

We’ll look at what empirical science is telling us — the facts. Then we’ll examine how people are engaging those facts through the lens of social science — the other facts. Finally, I’ll lay out a “post-partisan plan” for solving the problem.

Coffee, tea  and yummy homemade “dirt” will be served. You’re welcome to bring your own refreshments. Why not bring a friend along?

Can’t make it out? Join FaceBook Live streaming to weigh in @FaceBook.com/TheWeeklyTALK.

Hope to see you, either way.

Rob Schlapfer



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