Letters to the Editor, April 20

Letters to the Editor, April 20

Yes on CTE bond

As an owner of a Southern Oregon manufacturing company, I am keenly aware of the gaps in our trade workforce: electricians, plumbers, HVAC, construction workers, mechanics, metal workers, etc. These jobs pay well and are an important part of our community. The gap will only widen as the baby boomer generation retires, their knowledge and experience gone.

We used to teach these skills in schools; a few schools still do. We need to develop a future workforce that is ready to fill those gaps.

CTE (Career/Technical Education) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, Math) Centers, as well as Maker Spaces, are important to the future of our community and our young people. I’m excited that Medford has a bond on the May 15 ballot to fund CTE facilities. What a great investment!

Time is of the essence. Please vote for our children’s future — Yes on Measure 15-175.

Norm Kester, owner, Quantum Innovations Inc.

Central Point

Go with Golden

I moved to the Rogue Valley in 1978, six months before my daughter was born. Soon after, I met Jeff Golden at SOPTV, where he worked. We have crossed paths many times in the ensuing 40 years.

In his roles as a radio and internet host, Jeff has demonstrated a detailed command of the issues. As our state senator, he would continue to use an innovative and caring approach to the challenges facing Oregon. Please attend one of the candidate forums for Oregon Senate District 3. Or go to the Jackson County Democrats Facebook page (March 20) to see candidates present their positions on issues including health care, housing and taxes.

The candidates all seem passionate, and pledge to work hard for you. Jeff Golden is the one with the best long-standing record and the best experience to make good on those pledges. See for yourself.

Patt Colwell


McLeod-Skinner for congress

Oregon District 2 Democratic primary candidate Jamie McLeod-Skinner has been criss-crossing our vast district for many months, meeting with groups large and small in schools, town halls, and granges, listening to people’s concerns and hopes for their future.

Jamie has a wide variety of experience in public service, including two terms as a city councilor in Santa Clara, California. She has degrees in law, engineering and planning, with expertise in water resource management — an area of urgent concern for our region.

Jamie is by far the most qualified candidate to replace Rep. Greg Walden in the fall. Walden has hurt the interests of most Oregonians, putting health coverage in peril and providing huge tax cuts for wealthy citizens and corporations. Please join me in supporting Jamie McLeod-Skinner in the May primary election, and continue to support her as the general election approaches.

John Kloetzel


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