Letters to the Editor, April 19

Letters to the Editor, April 19

‘Pankhurst’ is superb

I am so glad I saw the Tempo article on “Pankhurst: Freedom or Death.” I attended the opening.

At the risk of being accused of exaggeration, I want to commend the Ashland Contemporary Theatre and Jeannine Grizzard on her magnificent performance as Emmeline Pankhurst.

This is history I thought I knew, but my awareness that suffragettes protested and were jailed barely scratched the surface. So much human psychology and drama exploded to the surface in that fight for rights. This is such an important story, especially now, a hundred years later with our current political challenges. A couple of times I found myself wanting to stand up, shout and join in.

All the aspects of theater came together seamlessly to bring this compelling play to life. Well done.

Miriam J. Clarkeson


Missing Cronkite

I recently read the editorial from Cathy Noah concerning the Mail Tribune’s relationship with KTVL, which is owned by Sinclair Broadcasting. However, it does not address a key issue. What is Sinclair’s relationship with CBS?

If you watch KTVL local news you will see the CBS logo plastered on the screen most of the time. Basically, in the greater Medford area, Sinclair is able to broadcast so-called local news on KTVL while hiding behind a CBS logo. That logo is supposed to represent “real news” according to CBS.

I have been a huge fan of CBS morning news for years, but this recent incident with Sinclair makes me less trustworthy of what I’m watching. CBS is not the only one to blame here because Sinclair owns many affiliates of CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox.

George Stevens


Missing the target

Bottom line is if we could trust the government enough to forfeit our God-given right of self defense unto them, the Florida school shooting massacre would never have happened in the first place.

The FBI was warned about the shooter, the local sheriff’s department was called to his home dozens of times, and when the kids needed help most, the one armed guard they were told by the government they could “trust” hid outside while 17 schoolchildren were slaughtered. When the local sheriffs showed up to the school they hid outside until the shooting stopped, knowing children were being killed just inside the building.

While some saw all of this as a clear sign we should trust government “more” as with gun control, I saw it as a warning that the only human being I can fully trust to defend me is me. I now carry “full time.”

Terry Baker


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