Letters to the Editor, April 19

Letters to the Editor, April 19

Protect speakers

Mob wisdom believes it is necessary to overpower public thought by preventing ideas to be heard. Allowing a speaker to be heard can be dangerous in that ideas do have power of persuasion.

The tools of a mob include screaming, chanting and physically forcing a speaker to leave. When our laws do not protect a speaker the screamer wins the day.

Lynn Berntson


Seems only fair

Over 1,000 of us met with our congressman April 14. What happened inside North’s gym was eventful. But what happened as we left the parking lot was even more important in my mind. Lots were full of blue- and red-leaning cars and trucks for blocks, but the departing was courteous and respectful. We took turns.

The argument that the Republican presidential win could be seen as those “left out” taking a turn should also hold true our congressional district. It is time for those of us waiting our turn in a purple region to replace our current red congressman with a blue one. It seems only fair to take a turn.

A. Jay Matheson


Yellow journalism

I was appalled that papers, including the Mail Tribune, would publish David Dao's history of offenses some years ago, which had no relevance whatsoever to what he suffered on the plane.

Not only was he humiliated and injured by police yanking him off the plane, but now his past has been revealed to the whole world, further debasing him. I would hope that the Tribune would not partake in such yellow journalism.

Carol Moore


The end

Nuclear war is not World War III. Nuclear war is the end.

Nancy R. Fox

Central Point

Indivisibles were rude

Excellent job of reporting by Damian Mann! Indeed, Rep. Walden conducted himself most admirably. And to give credit where credit is due, the “Indivisibles,” in their pink shirts and pink piggy-eared caps were admirably well-organized, passionate and present!

On the flip side, however, they (the Indivisibles) were obnoxiously disruptive, disrespectful, rude, ill-mannered, ill-informed, uninformed and a disgrace to themselves and the Democratic party. Out-of-control adolescents. Shame on them and kudos to Rep. Walden.

Juanita W. Bright


Walden's messages

Obvious messages from Rep. Greg Walden’s town hall on Friday were:

While he understands carbon (dioxide) is a problem, he disregards the effects of methane, a climate pollutant worse than carbon dioxide that escapes when gas leaks. Though natural gas is touted as "clean energy," this claim constitutes disinformation from the energy industry because the leaking methane absorbs heat like a blanket, making earth warmer. We can’t tolerate this much warmth!

The energy industry is one of Walden’s top contributors. Is this why he refuses to acknowledge that leakage from shale-fracked natural gas makes it worse than burning coal?

And then there’s his claim to be protecting our forests. Remember Smokey Bear? Though wildfire is a problem primarily driven by global warming, suppressing fire has added to the risk. But Walden blames fires on forest management and ignores the primary cause.

While Walden acknowledges global warming and its human cause, he ignores the science. His support for climate deniers in Washington negates everything.

Walden should read the 2017 Third Oregon Climate Assessment Report which concludes: “Oregon is warming and the consequences are, and will be, notable. A majority of Oregonians thinks that global warming is happening and is worried.”

Louise D. Shawkat



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