Letters to the Editor, April 18

Letters to the Editor, April 18

Keep funding Planned Parenthood

We need Planned Parenthood. I'm 83 years old and I remember how things were for women before birth control. Your life was not under your own control.

Also, there is a definite correlation between nations that have many children that they cannot take care of or feed and national poverty. Please contact your legislators to encourage them to keep funding Planned Parenthood.

Nancy Clark


Cougar sighting no surprise

The recent cougar sighting near downtown Ashland is no surprise. Cougars are clever predators who can recognize a buffet when it is presented.

The unnatural and unhealthy overpopulation of deer is a clear invite to the cougars — and poodles or even children are possible prey. An illuminating read is David Baron’s book, “The Beast in the Garden,” about Boulder, Colorado’s very similar circumstances that ended with tragic results and a total reassessment of the laissez-faire attitude to the deer overpopulation.

Gordon Longhurst


Hypocrisy of the left

I listened to part of Greg Walden’s town hall meeting on the radio. Someone said Congress should hold the president accountable (I agree). Everybody cheered.

If that had been said two years ago, everybody would have booed. The hypocrisy of the left.

Lou Budge


Time is running out

Why are the Republicans and Democrats worried about Trump's use of bombs? Not even in office three months and he's used bombs as conflict resolution twice.

The mother of all bombs cost $16 million and killed 36 people. That's insane. We could have fed the 20 million people in the world who are starving.

Trump spoke of having a piece of fantastic chocolate cake with the president of China, and then said, by the way, we just bombed the people who used chemical weapons. This man Trump, who may have good intentions, is going to get our country into war if he's not stopped.

What makes this even sicker is they just cut millions of dollars being used to cure cancer. Trump is listening to the wrong people at all of our expense.

Pray for peace and impeachment. If it's not too late.

Leslee Freeman


Wall Street’s crony capitalist

Rep. Greg Walden voted to repeal Glass-Steagall in 1999, then voted to bail out Wall Street with TARP in 2008. In 2010, according to shadowproof.com, Greg Walden received $180,700 in Wall Street cash. Up to 2010 he had received $732,400 in Wall Street cash.

I was at the Medford town hall meeting. Don’t expect Walden to support Rep. John Conyers’ HR 676 Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act. It slashes unnecessary administrative overhead by over 30 percent.

You might be fool enough to think Walden is a fiscal conservative; he is when it comes to social programs, but when it comes to corporate welfare they can count on Walden.

Lastly, Walden and the rest of the bobbleheads seem eager for a thermonuclear war with Russia.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is skeptical that President Assad is behind chemical attacks. So am I. The terrorists possessed those weapons, not Assad!

John Mitchell




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