Letters to the Editor, April 16

Letters to the Editor, April 16

Keep dredging

On the opinion page is the view of banning suction dredging. My question to whoever wrote this is, "Have you ever stood and watched someone dredge?" My answer is, "probably not."

Years ago I was on the Klamath River with a small 2½-inch dredge and noticed when I got into the river that the top of the river bed was like it had been cemented over with a hard crust. I didn't see any fish around when I started and I had to use a small hand pick to break through the crust to start dredging.

I had probably been dredging for around 10 minutes when a rock got lodged in the suction device and I had to stop and unplug it and that is when I saw around 200 small fish back where the dredge was depositing what was being dredged. The fish were eating anything that was edible, I guess the word went out that there was food being sent out of the dredge. I guess if you could have asked the fish their opinion it would have been, "keep dredging."

William C. Carlson

Central Point

It's not that easy

Military force may drive ISIS fighters from their occupied territories, but “defeating” ISIS will be a far more difficult battle.

Seventy plus years ago, the Allied forces finally brought an end to Nazi Germany, but the rabid anti-Semitism that was an integral part of the Nazi ideology, while fragmented, still persists in western Europe and here as well. Ideology takes root and grows almost anywhere but the battlefield. Instant communication is a very effective fertilizer.

ISIS followers, along with other similarly driven radical groups, have a vision of a world which adheres to a form of Islam that is rejected by the vast majority of Muslims. Doesn’t matter. They believe it and pursue their objective with religious zeal. Suicide attacks will lead to rewards in heaven. Captured opponents should be (and are) subjected to cruelty that can only be described as medieval. For reasons I cannot fathom, certain individuals are receptive to these messages and become recruits for the cause.

ISIS will not end with military defeat. I don’t have any answers; only skepticism when I hear politicians and pundits talk about “defeating” radical forms of Islam. Maybe, but history says it’s not that easy.

Stan Loer

Grants Pass

Walden's policies

When our congressional representative Greg Walden jetted into Medford to finally face his constituents on Friday, if he looked out the window of his airplane he saw tens of thousands of acres of clearcuts and single-species tree farms that were once native forests.

Walden's policies double down on the clearcutting that has ravaged our forests and watersheds  while providing little long-term benefit to workers and their communities.

Specifically, Walden has proposed legislation that would:

1) Give over a million acres of Western Oregon Bureau of Land Management public forests to a timber industry trust that would maximize clearcut logging.

2) Hand 200,000 acres of Forest Service public forests to his political allies in Southern Oregon and northern California to log as they choose.

There is a reason the timber industry funds Walden's political campaigns, and that reason is that he never met a clearcut or a public lands giveaway that he didn't like.

George Sexton



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