Letters to the Editor, April 11

Letters to the Editor, April 11

Feeling the squeeze?

It’s here: April is budget month for Jackson County government. Are you feeling the squeeze yet? If not, check out their Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports' executive summaries over the past four years.

FY2012-13 had a “Rainy Day Fund” of $19,758,167 — funds collected/absconded from the private-sector "real economy" and locked into the government sector for the interest, our interest, to pay their exorbitant expenses. FY2013-14 increased that baseline amount by 23.3 percent, and the following fiscal year saw another increase — this time it was "only" 19.8 — FY2015-16 saw the plunder continue with a whopping 32.8 percent annual increase. Seriously?

When will the deputy administrator, who receives $208,000/year in compensation for mentoring the county administrator (who takes home $411,565.74/year, so good job!) take a 50 percent pay cut? Can Jackson County residents see the crony elephant running amok at 10 South? Enough with the "them vs. us" plunder already! You have a moral obligation to stop plundering the private sector from whom you have received and never deserved a diminishing "wealth" from our local economy.

Charity over plunder is a much better course, but requires more discretionary funds in the private-sector piggy bank, now doesn’t it, Budget Committee?

Kevin Goodrich

Central Point

Fiction trumps truth

It hasn’t even been 100 days yet, and we already know that we have a president like none before.

He speaks with a forked tongue, promising working Americans their lives will be better and then putting into office men and a woman or two who are millionaires and billionaires and the worst possible candidates to carry out fair and positive actions in the best interest of our nation. In addition, he has foot-and-mouth disease, tweeting the “fake news” he deplores and lying through his teeth whenever it suits him.

He wants to suppress the free press and erode the four freedoms on which our republic was built and which the Constitution sets forth as most vital. This guy has serious psychological problems!

All I see for us as Americans is a descent into one sort of hell or another, and I predict we will be at war within a year with some other “evil empire." Just the other day, he sent missiles into Syria to bomb an airfield.

Republicans in Congress will have to strengthen their individual and collective moral compasses, and vote to impeach Trump when things get to the breaking point, which will surely come soon.

Dee Evers


April Fools joke

Trump cuts provisions to the clean water law that prevented golf-course pollution from entering local waterways while proposing 31 percent budget cuts for EPA.

Fertilizers from golf courses, lawns and farms cause algae populations to skyrocket. When these algae die, bacteria consume all of the oxygen, killing the fish and other aquatic life, which in turn feed even more bacteria in a disgusting cycle of death, stench and decay.

These laws were passed because this easily understood problem was (and is) common. I recall the pictures of millions of dead fish in Lake Erie from my childhood. The dead zones reported in the Mail Tribune off our Oregon Coast are another example of this phenomenon. This is a well-understood problem which can’t be solved by bashing, dismissing or defunding science.

I’m guessing that if any of Mar-a-Lago’s paying members get even a whiff of Florida’s putrid and dying Lake Okeechobee, that we taxpayers will pay to clean it up. (By the way, Republican Gov. Rick Scott disingenuously blames the Lake Okeechobee algae plague on the Obama administration).

As Trump likes to say, “The law's totally on my side, the president can't have a conflict of interest.”

Jim Lebo


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