Letters to the editor: April 10

Letters to the editor: April 10

Social workers licensed

An AP article (Mail Tribune 3/28) which referred to an analysis of Oregon Department of Human Services child welfare cases inaccurately identified child welfare staff as “social workers.” In fact, the actual report referred to their staff as “caseworkers” which is more accurate (although some caseworkers may also be social workers).

It is important for the public to know the difference. Since 2011, any person who uses the title “social worker” must possess a degree in social work and be licensed by the state of Oregon. Oregon has four social work licenses: one at the bachelor degree level (RBSW) and three at the master’s degree level (LMSW, CSWA, LCSW).

Social work practice consists of the application of social work values, principles and techniques to helping people, communities and society solve social problems. It requires knowledge of human development and behavior; of social, economic and cultural institutions; and of the interaction of all these factors.

As social workers in the community, we know the dedication of caseworkers employed by Oregon’s DHS. However, it is important that the public not be misled to believe that “caseworker” is synonymous to “social worker;” there is a big difference, both in educational preparation and accountability to licensing boards.

Gretchen Thiel, MSW



Check out Phoenix center

The 1st Phoenix Community Center, located at the 1st Phoenix Presbyterian Church, wishes to say a huge thank-you to each person who has donated gently used clothes to our Free Clothes Closet. We have been very blessed but the need continues, especially for men’s and boys’ clothes.

The upstairs Closet is available to any person needing clothes, and shoppers are free to shop. We do have some limits, but no restrictions on who may shop. We need shoppers and we need volunteers, especially bi-lingual.

We want to get the word out. 1st Phoenix Community Center is here with clothes, food and community fellowship. Come on over and meet us, shop for spring outfits and see what we do. Open Wednesday, 1-3 p.m., Saturday, 10 a.m. to noon.

Paula York

Board member

1st Phoenix Community Center


State must take the lead

This morally bankrupt administration is stupidly and viciously dismantling environmental protections and doing everything in its power to make our world dirtier and more dangerous — all in the name of corporate greed. Promoting dirty coal, greenlighting fossil fuel pipelines, rolling back energy efficiency guidelines, gutting the EPA and backing out of international commitments to combat climate change — these are insane policies.

Margaret Atwood has said "Stupidity is the same as evil if you judge by the results." If that's true, then this administration is vying to be the most evil in our history.

We clearly can't depend on the federal government to lead the way, so we must do everything we can at the state level to promote a safer future for our children. There is no inherent conflict between doing that and maintaining a healthy economy.

Oregon Senate Bill 557 caps greenhouse gas emissions for the largest emitters, while providing economic protections for vulnerable industries and communities and investing in clean energy solutions. Our state, along with other states that value science and sound, sustainable economic policy, can be a leader and a model of excellence for our country. Ask your legislators to support this bill!

Claude Aron



The bankruptcy option

A third option not mentioned in the "Our View" column in Friday's Mail Tribune is for the state of Oregon to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This would free us up from all obligations and we could start new. Renegotiate with the unions, state contractors and others that are putting Oregon in a huge financial bind.

Cost cutting around the edges is the same as putting a Band-Aid on the problem. It's still going to be there when the Band-Aid is removed.

Chuck Brook


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