Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Look at other countries

Some years back I read in a Seattle paper where a person built an incinerator to dispose of garbage. The big garbage companies didn’t want it so it was sold to India — why doesn’t some responsible person check in to see how these other countries get rid of their garbage — China, Japan, India and Korea. It might be quite an education for our politicians.

Rogue Disposal can’t be completely blamed for clamping down on what is disposed of. Why can’t the United States do something with it besides bury it?

I saw one man loading all the recycle bin with Styrofoam and I told him about it — he said let someone else worry about it. Quite an attitude.

We are on a well and to think of the extra water it takes to clean cans and bottles plus the power for the pump, but we do our best, water is a precious item so we try to conserve it.

Richard Golphenee


Gun regulations

The arguments against regulating military-style weapons don’t stand up.

The Second Amendment doesn’t guarantee your right to own any weapon. You already can’t own a fully automatic weapon, and AR-15 style weapons are only one step away from this. Banning AR-15s won’t stop all mass murders? True, but a sensible person wouldn’t turn down a vaccination against a fatal disease just because it was only 80 percent effective.

AR-15-style weapons aren’t legal for hunting large game, and many other weapons are better suited. You are not going to “defend against tyranny” with your AR-15. The U.S. Army with well-trained small-unit tactics will just drop a mortar shell into your living room before you are even aware they are there.

The high-velocity bullets from these weapons are vastly more deadly than those from pistols. A radiologist trying to save these teenagers stated that a pistol wound shows up on the X-ray like a nice straight line. What he was seeing in these kids was entire organs exploded.

Steve Soar


Missing the truck stop

I couldn’t believe it when I heard they were not letting the truck stop build. Who is leading our city? Did they ask other people?

I miss the truck stop that we had. People complain of the noise, they should have thought of that before they moved next to a truck stop. When I moved next to the railroad track, the train wasn’t running. I was very disappointed when it started up again, but didn’t make a big deal out of it. It’s a necessity, they wouldn’t have stopped the train anyway. I got used to the noise and the same could be said for the truck stop.

This is a small town, it would be very nice to have the truck stop back. This is not Ashland or Jacksonville. Why not ask the people who have lived here for years and accept our town like it was instead of making it a tourist attraction? I loved our town as it was when I moved here years ago.

Judy Westcott


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